BIO-key Identity-Bound Biometrics

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CompanyBIO-key International, Inc.
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


As a global leader in biometrics for over 25 years, BIO-key is the only provider of Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB). IBB is the only identification and authentication method that permanently binds a biometric to the user’s digital identity, to provide the highest level of integrity, ensuring that the authorized person who was originally enrolled is the one completing the transaction or login request.

BIO-key has provided IBB software and hardware solutions for enterprise use cases, including its industry-leading IBB engine, BIO-key WEB-key. WEB-key is trusted by some of the most recognizable organizations such as AT&T and has been deployed to deliver integrity and security for identity projects of all scopes and sizes

There are multiple IBB authentication methods BIO-key offers including fingerprint authentication software and fingerprint scanners as well as a mobile application that uses a palm scan to authenticate the user, BIO-key MobileAuth with PalmPositive.

How we are different

Prevents unauthorized delegation – Although device-based biometrics, such as TouchID and FaceID leverage a biometric factor to authenticate a user, they are bound to the device and in the control of the user to enroll. This opens up the possibility for unauthorized delegation, where the enrolled user enrolls another individual on their device, who can then gain access. With Identity-Bound Biometrics, the biometric is bound to the user’s digital identity so that only the originally enrolled person is the one who can authenticate.

Patented technology with enterprise-level security – BIO-key holds 18 patents for our Identity-Bound Biometric technology and algorithms, which highlight the innovation and expertise that has gone into making a biometric solution that offers the highest levels of security and convenience, with a focus on end-to-end encryption, network security, and biometric data handling.

Integrated into a flexible IAM platform – BIO-key has integrated our IBB technology into our award-winning PortalGuard solution, to be the only IAM platform on the market offering multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and self-service password reset capabilities as well as true biometric authentication methods that offer enterprise-level security and convenience users love.