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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


In the last twelve months, Bitglass has undergone a rapid global expansion by making strategic hires, adding a VP of Sales for the APAC market, and growing its partner ecosystem, which includes new relationships with IT suppliers and MSSPs throughout the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company has won new customers like Northwestern University and John Muir Health, leading organizations that operate in the highly regulated industries of education and healthcare, respectively.

Bitglass’ largest deployment is a large hospital system in the US Midwest with over 200,000 employees. This organization uses Bitglass for data and threat protection across all of their cloud apps, including Office 365 (which is used internally for email, collaboration, and other communication). Additionally, HIPAA compliance in the cloud was a critical requirement for this organization. Only Bitglass was able to meet all of this large health system’s technology needs, including BYOD security, access controls, real-time data loss prevention, identity management, and transmission security.

Finally, the company continues to demonstrate its position as a thought-leader through original research and annual reports on cloud adoption, malware, breaches, dark web data analyses, and more. Bitglass also receives recognition by industry organizations and trade publications worldwide. The company was voted as the number one tech startup to watch by the Wall Street Journal and was placed in the Leader Quadrant in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for CASBs.

Bitglass expects triple digit revenue growth over the next 12 months.

How we are different

Bitglass is the only CASB on the market with a true hybrid architecture. We use a combination of proxies and API integrations with cloud apps, ensuring complete coverage against all risk of data leakage as sensitive information moves beyond the corporate firewall. While the industry is making the shift to a multimode approach, Bitglass designed its solution from the beginning to reduce complexity and headaches for IT. Bitglass addresses all components of a multimode approach, including:

- Forward proxy, which requires light-weight installations on endpoints and is perfect for securing managed devices.

- Reverse proxy, which doesn’t require agents and is ideal for BYOD environments.

- ActiveSync proxy, for agentlessly securing data accessed and stored by mobile devices.

- API integration, which provides visibility and control over data at rest within cloud-based tools.

The largest differentiator for Bitglass is its reverse proxy, something competitors have yet to achieve at scale with the same reliability. This is because Bitglass has patented AJAX-VM, proprietary technology necessary to ensure robust reverse proxy functionality. Additionally, Bitglass differs from the competition through the below:

- Patented, full-strength, searchable cloud encryption protects cloud data-at-rest while preserving user experience.

- Agentless mobile data protection and selective wipe ensures that Bitglass customers enjoy all of the benefits of an MDM solution without violating employee privacy or requiring the headaches associated with deploying and maintaining agents on endpoints.

- Its Zero-day Core, which includes advanced threat protection built for the cloud. While first-gen CASBs leverage signature-based engines for detecting known malware, Bitglass has partnered with Cylance to block both known and zero-day malware threats at upload, at download, and at rest within the cloud – for any app or device. Cylance’s solution is provided through Bitglass’ agentless, real-time protection platform – no endpoint installations are required.