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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Bitglass’ cloud access security broker (CASB) enables enterprises to secure any SaaS app (Office 365, Salesforce, Box, and thousands more) as well as any IaaS console, data lake, on-premises application, or private cloud app built on any platform. The Next-Gen Cloud Security Company provides end-to-end security and visibility of corporate data, ensuring that it is safe in any app, any device, anywhere. Bitglass’ comprehensive solution enforces access controls, limits sharing, halts zero-day malware, and prevents data leakage across all applications.

Unlike competing solutions, Bitglass’ easy-to-deploy, leading hybrid CASB leverages multi-protocol proxies and API integrations in order to offer end-to-end data protection without any agents – data is protected in real time at access, as well as at rest. Notably, the solution is set apart by its agentless reverse and ActiveSync proxies that secure data on unmanaged and mobile devices – something competitors typically lack. This is due to Bitglass’ patented AJAX-VM technology, which is critical for ensuring robust agentless functionality.

As Bitglass is an integrated solution for data protection, threat protection, identity and access management, and visibility, the company’s customers typically spend less money than they would by deploying separate, disjointed solutions. As an example, Bay Cove Human Services, a 2,000-employee healthcare organization, was seeking to deploy an identity and access management solution, a mobile device management tool, and a cloud access security broker.

However, after extensive testing, Bitglass was selected to satisfy the requirements of all three, reducing the overall cost to the organization. Additionally, Bitglass was designed for rapid, low-overhead deployment. Because the service deploys quickly and requires no software installations, customers report huge operational cost savings, as well.

How we are different

- Bitglass is the only CASB with a true hybrid architecture, ensuring complete coverage against risk of data leakage as sensitive information moves beyond the corporate firewall. Bitglass’ leverages an agentless reverse proxy, which competitors have yet to achieve with the same reliability. This is because Bitglass has patented AJAX-VM, proprietary technology necessary to ensure robust reverse proxy functionality.
- Bitglass’ security capabilities (such as data loss prevention for data protection and comprehensive activity logs for visibility) can work across any app or workload. This provides a single pane of glass for enterprise IT departments trying to manage disjointed cloud services and security tools, saving both time and money while providing peace of mind that corporate data is protected.
- The Bitglass CASB enables IT departments to adopt cloud and BYOD by filling security and compliance gaps. This means organizations in heavily regulated industries – such as healthcare and financial services – can deploy the tools they need to remain competitive.