Additional Info

Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Global Director of Recruiting
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Protegrity USA, Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Brad Toothman is currently the Vice President of Global Recruiting at Protegrity. Prior to joining Protegrity, he managed the talent acquisition team at XANT.AI and was the Senior Talent Acquisition Executive at Jivaro Professional Headhunters.

Brad’s extensive expertise in talent acquisition and strong aptitude for building and growing teams by finding value and fit for companies, both technically and culturally, has significantly contributed to Protegrity’s growth. Additionally, Brad is quick to build and maintain trust-based relationships, which is crucial as he seeks to identify individuals who share a passion for data security.

After being at Protegrity for nearly two years, Brad has strengthened the recruiting systems and processes, continued to identify exceptional talent at all levels, from early stage to executive level, and worked to develop the global recruiting footprint.

Brad’s inherent enthusiasm for talent engagement, coupled with his drive for delivery and performance, means he is able to identify, engage, and recruit for unique and critical roles in a very competitive marketplace. Importantly, Brad seeks to not only find candidates, but instead seeks to identify the right professionals who can contribute to and thrive within a highly collaborative, diverse, and forward-moving environment.


Brad brings a unique ‘client-first’ professional perspective to recruiting. As a senior leader within Protegrity, Brad is highly focused on partnering with internal hiring managers to identify exceptional talent. Brad’s drive for excellence is also evident in his outreach to prospective employees.

Brad is adept at understanding and navigating global recruiting markets. His awareness of technology industry trends, combined with his local and international insights, enables him to quickly understand the local dynamics in each of Protegrity’s hiring markets.

Brad is highly collaborative and brings his extensive network of specialized experts to situations that demand specific local knowledge. Brad leads with integrity and sees the importance of identifying individuals who share a passion for innovation and growth in the data security field.