Breach Secure Now’s Annual Cybersecurity Training

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CompanyBreach Secure Now
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


For this year’s annual cybersecurity training, Breach Secure Now invested in a full production service to create an engaging and memorable learning experience, “The Breach”.

Topics such as ransomware, phishing links, password security, physical security, and insider threats are weaved into dramatized vignettes that keeps the audience guessing in this cybersecurity “who done it.” Viewers will also receive supplemental learning material to help address all learning styles.

Our in-house, professional scriptwriters worked to create a strong narrative that embeds cybersecurity awareness within the thirty-minute-long plot line, followed by a learner’s evaluation on topics addressed.

With “The Breach” utilizing Hollywood-style engagement techniques, and narrative based learning theory, we’ve re-imagined what workplace training can look like, and reengaged our audience to better retain that material.

• The Breach Full Reel:

• The Breach Trailer:

How we are different

• Professional screenwriters worked to create a script that is both engaging and educational for the end-user, while a production company brought the story to life as a high-quality TV drama.

• This storytelling approach elicits the narrative-based learning model: which serves as a mental scaffold, providing context to cybersecurity best practices and enhancing content retention.

• For workplace training to be effective, it has to engage. TV dramas are currently the most popular genre viewers engage with. When combined with the increasing need to educate employees about cybersecurity, and provide them with the skill sets to prevent a breach, “The Breach” serves as an extremely effective tool.