Breakthrough Precision: IDology’s ExpectID Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)IDology
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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ExpectID’s innovative configuration engine empowers organizations with point-and-click customization of a nearly infinite number of identity attribute combinations for unprecedented data control, granularity and understanding of risk. Combined with built-in machine learning based on a heritage of proven innovation and high-quality data, ExpectID enables businesses to rapidly respond to changing fraud vectors, adapting fraud controls and setting rules that separate legitimate customers from fraud based on their unique needs and customer demands. Legitimate customers are verified quickly and businesses can escalate to more robust forms of verification (i.e. mobile document scan or dynamic KBA) only when necessary. ExpectID provides powerful roundtrip collection and delivery of data intelligence needed for supplemental risk analysis. When applied to a pandemic operating environment in which behavior changes drive data shifts, this agility and the ability to react and respond quickly is a premium.

With human intuition from IDology’s fraud team experts, ExpectID offers compressive fraud defense with multiple layers, millions of attributes, machine learning, a consortium network, real-time hyper-customization of fraud controls on the fly, transparent data visibility, closed-loop data intelligence, plug-and-play and point/click, integrated and dynamic multi-escalation, and cross-border verification.

All aspects of the ExpectID platform are backed by client all-access to a set of fraud tools designed to mitigate fraud attempts and connect customers with the consortium data IDology generates as a hub for monitoring potential fraud across its client base. IDology’s consortium data contains millions of confirmed fraud attributes that can be used to target, identify and deter crossover fraud between customers who have opted into the network. Customers can create blacklists of attributes or share them with the network to provide additional smart layers of security for identity verification and onboarding consumers, which is especially helpful in identifying/deterring Synthetic Identity Fraud, one of the most challenging fraud schemes to detect.

Brief Overview

The rise in fraud due to Covid-19 alongside high consumer expectations, requires identity proofing and integrated anti-fraud measures are flexible, transparent and a hub for companies across industries to manage swings in consumer behavior, locate and easily onboard tech newbies, and secure transactions.

IDology’s ExpectID platform is a leading cloud-based stack of flexible plug-and-play solutions covering end-to-end identity verification, fraud deterrence and authentication across multiple channels to help companies stay ahead of shifting fraud trends and deliver a frictionless customer experience.

ExpectID goes beyond basic data matching, using a multi-layered process that leverages thousands of diverse data sources, correlating multiple identity attributes including location, device and activity-based data along with advanced algorithms and engines to analyze and evaluate risk factors. ExpectID gives companies one single-sourced platform for securely onboarding and authenticating customers from multiple countries, all while maintaining compliance.

Combining data attributes and rules for more granularity and sophistication is a must for reducing false positives, minimizing friction and adjusting to evolving fraud schemes. Unlike Machine Learning-based solutions that use “black box” models lacking data intelligence extraction, customization and actionable scoring intelligence, ExpectID gives businesses control of the entire proofing process and the flexibility to make and automatically deploy configuration changes—without IT resources. With ExpectID, customers can build a nearly infinite number of industry and company-specific identity attribute scenarios and, with real-time, point-and-click adjustments, separate legitimate customers from fraud. For example, identity proofing for lenders, which place a premium on geo-attributes, needs to be configured differently than that of eCommerce providers who utilize address deliverability. ExpectID provides unprecedented granularity and data control, as well as closed-loop data feedback for analytics, fine-tuning attributes and understanding customer behavior.

With intuition from IDology’s fraud experts and real-time fraud intelligence across companies and industries with its Consortium Network, ExpectID is the complete package.