Brittany Greenfield, Founder & CEO

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Founder & CEO
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Wabbi
Company size (employees)10 to 49
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Brittany Greenfield is the founder and CEO of Wabbi, the industry’s leading Application Security Orchestration & Correlation platform. Wabbi’s continuous security platform orchestrates and correlates all components of an application security program to bridge the gap between security and development. By analyzing existing product design architecture and security policies, Wabbi enables context-based management of application security enabling its end-to-end integration into the complete software development lifecycle, and ongoing dynamic management of it in real-time in responses to changes both in security requirements and at the application layer. This enables transparency in and prioritization of the security activities and remediation, with closed loop-integrations to reduce noise in existing security and development workflows.



- As Founder of Wabbi, Brittany represents a highly underrepresented segment of the cybersecurity industry not just as a woman in cyber, but a female-founder. With total funding to female founders over the last decade equal to less than half of all cybersecurity transactions in 2022 alone, her ability to build an industry leading company that has attracted top recognition from analysts, awards, press, and investors is a testament to her leadership as a top Woman in Cybersecurity.

- Bootstrapped to become revenue generating from large mid-market to Fortune 500 customers, as well as the DoD, Brittany has grown the company globally on less than $5M in funding.

- By founding Wabbi, Brittany defined the market of “Application Security and Orchestration” before it even had its own name. By leading Wabbi to define both the technical and methodological standards of the market, Brittany has cracked the code in achieving the promise of DevSecOps, which relies on orchestration and intelligence to transform the data of the AppSec and DevOps tools into actionable information. With the market starting to hit maturity, this will be the next major revolution in cybersecurity as security programs get are enabled to get closer and closer to the root cause – the code – for 9 out of 10 breaches, at scale with ASOC.