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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Bugcrowd is the leading provider of crowdsourced cybersecurity solutions purpose-built to secure the digitally connected world. Today’s enterprise demands an offensive approach to cybersecurity—and Bugcrowd offers the only solution that orchestrates data, technology, and human intelligence to expose blind spots.

Bugcrowd is growing quickly. In February of 2024 the company closed its most recent funding round securing $102 million in strategic growth financing to scale its AI-powered crowdsourced security platform offerings globally. This funding will fuel the R&D organization by allowing for rapid new product introduction, innovation around building testing solutions for AI, and provide capital to deploy for M&A to accelerate platform growth.

Today’s Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform brings scale, consistency, and data-driven insights to crowdsourced security like no other provider can—with everything fully integrated with existing development and security workflows. Business and technical advantages include:

The right crowd at the right time
Qualified, motivated researchers will always find more impactful bugs. Unlike “one size fits all” approaches, our CrowdMatch™ ML technology matches the right security researchers to the customer’s needs and environment across 100s of dimensions.

Engineered, best-in-class triage
The Bugcrowd Platform rapidly triages vulnerabilities at any scale while delivering the industry’s best signal-to-noise ratio. Prioritization is based on our battle-tested Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy, and customers have real-time visibility into the process.

Continuous improvement through analytics
Analytics and reporting are powered by a rich Security Knowledge Graph™ of vulnerabilities, assets, environments, and skill sets based on 1000s of customer experiences. Critical insights from that data help customers continuously improve their security posture.

End-to-end DevOps integration
The Bugcrowd Platform includes pre-built connectors, webhooks, and rich APIs to flow findings into your DevSecOps tools and lifecycle in real time. That end-to-end approach enables what we’re all looking for: continuous “shift left” security.

How we are different

Bugcrowd’s multi-solution SaaS platform replaces cost/complexity of multiple tools with a unified platform for pen testing, bug bounty, VDPs, and attack surface management–with everything sharing the same infrastructure for scale, consistency, and efficiency. Bugcrowd CrowdMatch ensures qualified, precisely matched researchers lead to stronger engagement and higher rewards, including: 70% more valid submissions, 82% higher payout and 104% more P1s/P2s/P3s.
In the company’s FY23, Bugcrowd saw the company’s growth rate return to over 30% and achieve a 90% Gross Revenue Retention from existing customers. Atop the success in customer retention, Bugcrowd saw great success in new sales with 194 total new logos won over the course of the previous year. Expansion into worldwide markets remained a central focus of the company throughout the previous year. This led to historic quarters for the company including a 105% growth year to year in APAC and 78% growth year to year in EMEA in the first quarter of the year.
On top of the general company performance, Bugcrowd saw marquee wins that continued to cement the company as a leader in both the cybersecurity and tech field at large. These wins include major customer programs, the most notable of which included a public bug bounty program launched by OpenAI. Perhaps the hottest name in technology in 2023, OpenAI chose to work with the Bugcrowd program due to the company due to the platforms ability to deliver on specialized hackers focusing on AI-security provide and could provide OpenAI with unparalleled visibility into the security posture of ChatGPT and AI-models.