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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Bugcrowd is the leading provider of crowdsourced cybersecurity solutions purpose-built to secure the digitally connected world–enabling organizations to take every proactive step possible to avoid being blindsided by cyberattacks.

Most organizations lack enough in-house resources to proactively explore and understand the risks present in complicated attack surfaces, much less to find and remediate vulnerabilities before attackers do. This talent gap is massive, with an estimated 3.4 million unfilled security jobs in 2022. As the pioneer of the Crowdsourced Software-as-a-Service model, Bugcrowd connects the ingenuity of the global security researcher/ethical hacker community with the unmet demands of the cybersecurity problem via an engineered software and services platform.

The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform™ uniquely orchestrates data, technology, and human intelligence (including the global ethical hacker community) to reduce cybersecurity risk beyond what noisy, automated tools can do. Bugcrowd provides the contextual insights needed to discover critical vulnerabilities quickly and cost-effectively before attackers do, helping to reduce the risk of data breaches, cloud attacks, and malware or ransomware incidents. The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform™ brings crowdsourced security to solutions for multiple needs including PTaaS, Vulnerability Disclosures, Bug Bounties, and Attack Surface Management. In addition, CrowdMatch™ is an AI-based solution that matches customers with precisely the right experts. The platform determines which issues to remediate first, and it extends workflows into DevOps tools and development lifecycles through an end-to-end integration library.

In a recent IDC Business Value Paper, the value and ROI of Bugcrowd penetration testing and managed bug bounty offerings was evaluated on feedback provided by customers. IDC found that those customers achieved almost 500% ROI over three years and had a quick payback in as little as three months. IDC found that customers identified 67% more threats and vulnerabilities, and Bugcrowd penetration testing performed 77% more

How we are different

Engineered platform for long-term innovation

The industry’s most modern, flexible, scalable Security Knowledge Platform™ for multiple security solutions

Data-driven automation and analytics powered by a decade of experience and research

Provides an “integration hub” for seamlessly flowing prioritized findings directly into SDLC workflows

Faster Time to Results

The ability to onboard and launch programs in days, not weeks

Real-time visibility into pen test progress and results

Best-in-class triage rapidly prioritizes vulnerabilities with an industry-best signal/noise ratio

The Right Crowd at the Right Time

CrowdMatch™ technology in the platform curates and activates the right security researchers for your exact requirements across 100s of dimensions

Provides higher-quality results because qualified, motivated researchers will always find more impactful bugs