CAPTOR by Inkscreen

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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


CAPTOR by Inkscreen is the industry’s leading business camera and document scanning mobile app, designed to capture, manage, secure and control the sensitive content on employees’ mobile devices. CAPTOR solves the fundamental problem of separating personal and business multi-media content for BYOD and COPE deployments, and is especially geared towards today’s Work from Home (WFH) environments, as remote employees rely more frequently on their personal mobile devices to conduct business. CAPTOR combines the functionality of a camera, audio recorder, document scanner, QR Code reader and photo/document annotator, all in one managed app.

In 2020, Inkscreen expanded its capabilities with the introduction of CAPTOR™ Compliance, the industry’s first insider threat logging and data loss prevention alert system for managed camera and document capture apps.

CAPTOR Compliance addresses the increasing regulatory liabilities posed by the common use of personal mobile devices for business use, and helps companies demonstrate best practices in mobile data compliance with regulations such as GDPR HIPAA, and CCPA.

This new edition also provides important insider threat protections against both malicious and unintended leaks of photos, PDFs, scanned documents and other multi-media content captured on employee mobile devices. It blocks attempts at screenshots or unauthorized sharing of content, and informs designated IT, compliance and management personnel departments of potential employee policy breaches or adherence issues.

CAPTOR is deployed in a wide range of government environments worldwide. Law enforcement at the state, local, and federal level (DoD) use CAPTOR to capture evidence and document scenes. Tax auditors use CAPTOR to scan documents and take photos for case files. Compliance managers use CAPTOR to audit banks and credit unions.

CAPTOR integrates with leading enterprise mobility management platforms including MobileIron, BlackBerry/Good, and VMware/AirWatch.