Care MIT Business Security Methodology

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CompanyCare MIT
Company size (employees)1 to 9
Type of solutionHybrid


Business security is a complex process, but by simplifying it down to the single process, technology or system, we fail to implement security at the SME business level.
We, as a business, were constantly put in a situation where something had failed because the organization had relied on a single facet of security.
The CareMIT business security methodology is a combination of a number of factors. It is a holistic view of how SME’s can secure their organization using 6 components.

How we are different

By stepping back from single systems and allowing a 6 step process to drive security we have used the CIA to deliver security at different levels.
The CareMIT Business Security Methodology does the following
Eliminating unnecessary business security expenses.
Creates a resilient and robust business organization.
Implement cutting edge technology and systems designed to create a secure envelope around your organization.
Work with other complementary organizations with the knowledge that their systems and data handling processes are as secure as yours.
This business security methodology reduces your costs, secures your data and protects against the unexpected.