Celebrus Fraud Data Platform (FDP)

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


The first of its kind, the Celebrus FDP protects businesses in real-time across all digital touch points with fully automated behavioral insights, working seamlessly with existing fraud management tools. Notably, Celebrus FDP provides key insight across existing fraud decisioning, case management, analytics and reporting systems with vast amounts of data captured, analyzed and delivered in milliseconds. In this way, the platform reduces false positives through more accurate fraud detection and rapidly addresses new threats as they emerge with behavioral biometrics that can differentiate genuine users’ behavior from that of fraudsters. Detailed session reply capabilities also supports fraud detection case management and investigations to the fullest.

Recent innovations to improve the Celebrus FDP include Sense and Trace, a new feature made generally available in November 2021. Sense and Trace helps organizations trace compromised identities to their mule accounts and onwards to find other compromised identities, as well as to set alarms when known mule accounts are used again. Another key feature recently rolled out is Tamper-proof Geolocation for detection of users who are attempting to hid their identity through VPNs or other technology. And finally, Time Series Anomaly Detection leverages machine learning and data orchestration to better identify issues across digital channels to automatically identity outliers, leveraging acceptable ranges and outcomes, to alert the business to potentially series data anomalies.

Given the proliferation of highly-sophisticated fraud and scams worldwide, it’s more important now than ever for enterprises to take fraud prevention seriously, and that starts with understanding threats and implementing smart solutions that catch fraudsters before the fraud.

How we are different

-Celebrus’ Fraud Data Platform is the world’s only first party, biometric data capture and identity solution that can contextualize data in milliseconds and intercept the fraudster while they are committing the act. Understanding that digital fraud happens in real-time, there is limited time for interventions. The Celebrus FDP includes risk indicators and scorecards, real-time data capture of behavioral biometrics across all digital devices and channels, and the ability to forensically replay each identified session and dive into individual digital profiles.
-When it comes to scam prevention, banks incumbent fraud prevention systems are limited, as they look backwards and are focused on investigating what led up to a fraud or shy away from personally identifiable data (PII). Their third party nature restricts their analysis to specific process snapshots, such as the account opening or payment process. Celebrus’ anomalous activity detection capability captures all data with no effort, and automatically detects behaviors commonly exhibited by scam victims. The embedded AI and advanced scorecards, based on pre-configured analyst friendly technology, automates the detection of scams from anomalous customer interactions and behaviors. Those anomalies are recognized and trigger an intervention via Sense and Trace and/or Time Series Anomaly, with a view to shutting down sessions before the customer makes a transfer to the fraudster-controlled account, thereby preventing the loss of money.
-Ethically compliant, Celebrus FDP captures personally identifiable information (PII) to protect customers against fraud, which is at all times under the control of the enterprise. It's underpinned by the world's only real-time, 360-degree view of the complete customer via a first-party Identity Graph, which automatically stitches visitors and their behaviors together in a single view. This view drives the Celebrus mission of protecting consumers and brands from the largest threat in the world today - cybersecurity and fraud.