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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


Think of Censornet as another member of your team — one that’s faster, smarter, and safer than humanly possible. Our autonomous, integrated security gives mid-market organisations the confidence and control of enterprise-grade cyber protection.

Traditional security systems are being fast outpaced. We’ve built a security posture fit for today — and tomorrow — with the user at the heart. Our email, web, and cloud application security works seamlessly with powerful identity management and data loss prevention in one AI-powered platform. More than 2,000 companies let our integrated platform do the tedious work, whilst their security teams focus on delivering strategic value.

We verify and assess risk continuously – every person, every device, no exceptions. And we bring unprecedented insight from enterprise-class threat intelligence feeds, so you know you’ve always got the best response against the latest emerging threats.

Our customers gain better cyber protection through our innovation and investment in autonomous cyber security – the ability to not just respond on autopilot, but to react to the unexpected. It’s this deep machine learning that saves the IT team from a time-consuming process of having to investigate minor alerts or false positives.

Key Capabilities / Features

Security across the entire attack surface including Email, Cloud Applications, Posture Management of infrastructure, Web security, DLP and Identity federation.

Cloud Application Control at an action-level. Applications are not sanctioned or unsanctioned and blocked in a binary fashion, but restricted only based on user intent and needs.

ASE automated security engine orchestrates information sharing in realtime between the core modules to provide insights and dynamic protection against data loss or malicious intent.

Email security with enterprise-grade DLP engine enables a strong risk posture against data loss through attachments, but when enhanced with an email client plugin this empowers users to manage their own quarantines, report Spam, and receive regular bitesized training courses. The addition of scheduled and on-demand phishing simulations means awareness becomes part of the company culture and can drive real behaviour change.

How we are different

Highly integrated security technology across the whole attack surface, combined with user risk-oriented interface delivers highly effective security against insider threat and the penalties associated with data breaches. By securing the main data exfiltration channels, but at the same time minimising user friction by being too restrictive we've struck a fine balance where IT Security Teams and general employees work together rather than often against each other when conducting revenue generating business.

Our highly granular Action-level controls mean that even the most modern SaaS applications like Generative AI can be used without fear of data loss - we understand that tools are vital to different areas of the business so control access based on risk of data loss not just sanctioned/unsanctioned apps. All driven through our unique Visual Rule Builder our average deployment time is less than one week.

Our ASE orchestration engine can pass telemetry and object attributes in real-time across each module - so if a user attempts to exfiltrate data via an email for example to a personal account, the platform can instantly alert the cloud application module to look out for the same files being shared to cloud-based apps. Whilst our features are sophisticated and deliver real value to our mid-market clients, they are developed from the ground up with usability in mind such that they not only save customers time and money, but reduce the overall burden on the security department.

How we are different

1) Protecting the unprotected
Censornet is the only cloud-native, multi-channel platform built from zero for the midmarket. We give this often-ignored segment the confidence of enterprise grade-protection across web, email, cloud, identity and access, previously out of reach because of cost or complexity.

Instead of a platform of acquired products poorly stitched together, we are built on the needs of these front-line organisations to deliver an experience that truly makes a positive impact - not just for the company, but the individuals using it too. Our customers are competing in the marketplace, safe in the knowledge that they are protected - "Censornet’s security provision is a core element in our digital growth and innovation" (Brainkind). And security leaders can focus on delivering strategic value and reducing burnout.

2) Unparalleled support
It's not just how we have built our product; it's how we deliver it too. We pride ourselves that every customer gets a 'white glove' experience regardless of their size. It's this passion that sets us apart. Newlife said "They made their CTO available to us, which not many companies do, and the expertise and knowledge at Censornet is world class. There is never any red tape we need to go through, they are just a phone call away"

2) Innovators
Innovation has been at the heart of our culture since day one. Our leaders are well-known industry veterans with a history of delivering pioneering cybersecurity solutions.

For example, we were the first, and still only, vendor to deliver proxyless web and cloud app security architecture without compromising protection. Security teams can have granular control over the actions used within thousands of cloud apps without any latency issues for the end-user.