CimTrak Integrity Suite by Cimcor, Inc.

Additional Info

CompanyCimcor, Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


The cybersecurity industry is broken. According to a 2023 survey of large companies by IBM, the average amount of time before an organization realizes that it has been breached is 204 days. We believe this is an unacceptable statistic that results in preventable losses amounting to billions of dollars. At Cimcor, our mission is to help reduce this inadmissible statistic to mere seconds.

Cimcor, Inc. develops the CimTrak Integrity Suite, which is a cybersecurity and compliance solution that identifies unexpected and unwanted changes on a diverse range of physical, network, cloud, and virtual IT assets in real-time. As a result, breaches can be identified in seconds or minutes rather than 204 days.

CimTrak provides detailed analysis, evidence, and automated workflow that enforces a strong security posture, ensures operational availability, stops zero-day attacks, detects unwanted/unexpected/unauthorized changes, and achieves and maintains continuous compliance for 50+ regulatory and compliance mandates.

Key Capabilities / Features

• File Integrity Monitoring: CimTrak continuously monitors critical system files, directories, and configurations for unauthorized changes, helping organizations detect and respond to potential security breaches or misconfigurations.

• Real-Time Alerts: CimTrak sends immediate notifications when suspicious changes are detected, enabling security teams to take prompt action and minimize potential damage.

• Change Reconciliation: CimTrak allows administrators to review and approve or reject detected changes, maintaining a secure and compliant environment while reducing false positives.

• Compliance Reporting: The solution generates detailed reports that help organizations demonstrate compliance with 50+ regulations and standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NERC CIP, and NIST.

• Centralized Management: CimTrak provides a centralized management console that allows administrators to monitor and control the entire IT infrastructure from a single location, simplifying security operations and reducing administrative overhead.

• Forensic Analysis: CimTrak maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all file and configuration changes, facilitating forensic investigations and incident response efforts.

• Baseline Configuration: CimTrak enables organizations to establish a secure baseline configuration for their IT assets, allowing for instant rollback and remediation (return to baseline).

• Scalability: CimTrak is designed to scale seamlessly, supporting large and complex IT environments across various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and network devices.

• Integration: CimTrak integrates with various security tools and platforms, such as SIEM tools and ticketing solutions, enabling a more unified and effective security posture.

How we are different

- CimTrak holds the patent for true real-time system integrity monitoring, setting it apart from other solutions in the market. This patented technology allows CimTrak to continuously monitor critical files and systems, detecting and alerting on unauthorized changes as they occur, without relying on periodic scans or snapshots. This real-time capability enables organizations to respond to potential security incidents immediately.

- CimTrak maps to over 50 compliances and is the only tool that enables downloading the most current CIS benchmarks and compliance framework mappings on the same day they are released. No need to wait months for vendor upgrade packages with these new benchmarks. They can be directly downloaded from our Compliance Delivery Cloud into CimTrak. With the CimTrak Compliance module, organizations have an easy audit solution that shows current and historical compliance with your industry’s standards and compliance requirements.

- CimTrak's system integrity monitoring covers a wide range of devices and systems, including file systems, network devices, hypervisors/ ESXI, active directories, databases, and cloud configurations. CimTrak supports multiple proprietary integrations, including our most recent release, which allows CimTrak to monitor Zscaler configurations. Last fall, it became the only solution that can monitor Cisco Meraki devices, and our R&D team is working hard to keep that list growing.