Circadence Corporation Innovates Cyber Learning with Gamified Training

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Circadence is an innovative market leader in next-generation cybersecurity readiness because it offers comprehensive cyber education in the cloud to help security professionals keep pace with evolving threats (after all, the next iteration of cyber training must be more innovative and as disruptive as hacker’s persistent attacks). Our learning platform runs on Microsoft Azure, which enables us to address training scalability and other critical security challenges for companies that current training programs do not address.

Circadence is “innovative” because of its unique approach to cyber training: it thoughtfully (and creatively) changes (and challenges) the trajectory of how cyber readiness is conducted today. Circadence’s flagship learning platform, Project Ares, is a ground-breaking immersive solution that delivers learning impact to the cyber workforce. The cloud-native, gamified learning solution is the first of its kind. The cyber ranges used in training missions are hyper-scalable to meet the security training needs of today’s enterprises. They can be reset with the flip of a virtual switch so operational networks are not at risk and threat intelligence analysts can practice skills on their own time. With these two distinctive elements to training (cloud-based and gamified), learning cyber becomes enjoyable, approachable, scalable, and an enduring practice for professionals. Circadence’s cyber learning continuum (incorporated in its products) is innovative because it addresses four stages to cyber learning: comprehension, application, analysis, and synthesis/evaluation. By addressing learning through all these stages, it can help minimize the skills gap and businesses can build, sustain, and grow cyber teams that are holistically trained and continually upskilled.

Circadence’s products deliver a comprehensive way for every person can learn cyber at their own pace, on their own schedule, in a learning style that works for them. Elements of gamification bolster the learning experience by making training fun and enjoyable.

How we are different

Gamifying Cyber Learning:
Circadence is a leader in gamification techniques to improve cyber learning engagement and retention. Its flagship offering, Project Ares®, is a gamified cybersecurity learning platform that provides an immersive, interactive real-world environment for persistent cyber training. Through a series of learning games, battle rooms and missions users gain advanced training in defending real-world cyber attacks. The platform offers scenario-based activities to help today’s professionals and cyber learners engage with material hands-on versus sitting in a classroom watching a video or presentation.

Scaling Cyber Training:
Project Ares runs on Microsoft Azure, which provides a cloud-native foundation with advanced performance capability for training. Cyber training content allows the user to access more than 50 learning games, battle rooms and missions in seconds. Because the platform is cloud-based it can now train thousands of concurrent users at one time regardless of where trainees are located geographically. The browser-based access eases the path to learning continuously so professionals can train on their own terms, while SOC leaders and CISOs can assess team competencies regularly to ensure readiness is keeping pace with evolving threats.

Diverse Cyber Learning Curriculum:
Circadence platforms provide cyber learning comprehension from start to finish. Project Ares has a series of learning games, battle rooms and missions based on specific job roles and learning objectives/frameworks. Each activity is strategically designed to take users from novice to advanced cyber competency starting with learning foundational concepts with learning games—then tools, tactics, and procedures in Battle Rooms—then interactive cyber missions with fellow colleagues. This includes missions specific to various industries such as finance, election security, government and more. Because learning curriculum is aligned to job functions and industry, learning cyber becomes immediately relevant to the user and provides in-depth learning that gives users motivation for career advancement.