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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionSouth America


Cloud Legion is a multi-disciplined company focused on protecting companies’ information. Cloud Legion work with public and private enterprises and organizations across all industry sectors and business functions to identify, comply, secure and manage their most critical asset – Information. Cloud Legion offer a range of specialist Cloud Security Services and Solutions available.

Cloud Legion have any members of the Cloud Security Alliance and utilize expert guidance and tools to analyses Cloud Security.

Through our offering specialized, Cloud Legion will guide the companies through the complete transition project cycle. Encompassing all phases of assessment, design, migration, integration, validation and testing. This suite of services can be used to build a delivery programme ranging from a simple pilot project through to the realization of entire enterprise system migration to the cloud.

How we are different

Cloud Legion offers the confidence that your information is secure in any cloud deployment. Our team of expert consultants work closely with companies to provide ideas and solutions to ensure security in the cloud..

Cloud Legion consultants are active members of the Cloud Security Alliance and use many of their tools to ensure that our customers are secure in their choice of cloud deployment and also understand the risks associated with their type of industry.

Cloud Legion creates custom projects that evaluate the implementation and security levels based on standards and best practices such as ISO 27001, 27017 27018 and CSA tools - Cloud Security Alliance