Cloudera Shared Data Experience (SDX)

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionService


Organizations currently operate in a landscape of siloed data and analytics systems. Though some integration exists, these systems are largely configured and operated in isolation with respect to security and governance of data and metadata. The IT effort to try and establish consistency in security between these disparate systems increases staff overheads, as well as the increased operational costs due to the many distinct environments that need to be built. Cloudera Shared Data Experience (SDX) allows organizations to fluidly move, combine and use data where needed and on any infrastructure; be that your data center, public or private clouds. With central definition and consistent enforcement of data security, governance and control policies across all analytic workloads, SDX lowers business and reputational risk, compared to traditional fragmented and siloed multi-disciplinary analytics landscapes. SDX’s platform wide, enterprise-grade auditing, lineage, and governance capabilities increase business agility, reduce time to insight, and improve compliance.

Managing a diverse landscape of thousands of users and millions of end customers places a high demand on IT resources. As a result, security risks for the organization as a whole are increased, the lack of data visibility and governance decreases their access to data and the capacity to gain business insight from it.

With SDX businesses can:
– Increase operational efficiency, reduce security risk; Centralized applied data security and governance provides control and makes achieving regulatory compliance straightforward

– Increase business agility and speed of innovation; Self-service data access speeds time to insight with consistent security and governance ensuring the right users have access to the right data

– Prevent infrastructure vendor lock-in and enjoy cost control; Workloads can extend seamlessly or migrate flexibly between infrastructures, leveraging all existing data security, governance, and control policies; Data and analytics can be deployed to the right infrastructure to balance between cost and performance

How we are different

- Compared to traditional approaches, SDX, ensures seamless multi-functional analytics, enabling organizations to drive deep insight, value, and innovation. It also enables organizations to deploy workloads to any infrastructure without having to redefine security and governance policies, preventing vendor lock-in and delivering ultimate infrastructure flexibility. And, SDX is built on 100% open source components, giving the opportunity to integrate the platform’s data security, governance, and control with external systems for true enterprise-wide control.

- In addition, SDX enables the newly launched Cloudera Data Platform, the industry’s first enterprise data cloud. The enterprise data cloud was created in response to an enterprise wanting to move data and analytic workloads to the cloud, but struggling to define a multi-cloud strategy that was user-friendly, fit the specific needs they had and complied with the strict regulatory compliances in place. Now, with Cloudera Data Platform, businesses can easily manage data anywhere, from on-prem to public and hybrid clouds, with common security, governance, and metadata. New cloud-based services provide unprecedented self-service access to data and analytic functions with security from SDX. With Cloudera Data Platform, enterprises see a decrease in costs for customers by addressing scalability, streamlining data access and control, and by making the overall user experience simpler - leading to saved costs overall.

- SDX stands out for its streamlining capabilities. Now, with SDX, users experience decreased operational costs and staff overheads, decreased security risks, increased governance, increased business agility and insight, and complete flexibility, all through a single platform. The dynamic column, row-level, and classification-based security, governance and control persist across the platform. And, policies are defined once and then enforced across any and all analytics workloads. With no vendor lock-in, 100% open source capabilities, and complete multi-functionality, SDX provides security and governance like no other.