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Enterprises and organizations are shifting to cloud infrastructure and agile development in order to enable faster, continuous innovation and remain competitive in the digital economy. Traditional security tools break in this IT transformation. Cloud security solutions provided by traditional network security companies simply don’t work in this new world. Data center security and cloud security platforms must now reflect the characteristics of modern infrastructure: on-demand, automated, high speed, agile, portable, flexible and scalable.

CloudPassage is an IT security company that delivers agile security through the CloudPassage Halo platform. Halo is a security and compliance automation platform that’s purpose built to deliver a broad range of controls in any application hosting environment, at any scale, on demand.
The fundamental requirements to protect and attain compliance for hosting environments have not changed, and tend to evolve slowly over time. There is a broad set of basic “block and tackle” controls that are required for security and compliance, but the technical and operational environments within which these requirements have to be fulfilled are changing dramatically. CloudPassage Halo was designed to address the control domains that security teams are familiar with, but what’s different is how Halo automates and orchestrates these controls in a manner that works in any infrastructure, anywhere, at any scale, on demand. It’s not what CloudPassage Halo does that’s unique, it’s how Halo does it.
While Halo can provide agile security for any organization, CloudPassage has found early traction in financial, health, technology, and government organizations.

How we are different

Forrester Research recognized CloudPassage Halo as the only solution to meet all of the recommended requirements in Forrester’s first-ever cloud workload security report.
Citrix leveraged Halo for its ability to quickly facilitate HIPAA compliance and provide significant security and operational savings. By implementing and deploying CloudPassage Halo on the ShareFile Cloud, Citrix was able to clearly demonstrate how they secured their environment and proved compliance. CloudPassage also provided Citrix with robust security reporting, which helped increase confidence in Citrix ShareFile and ultimately drove in more business. CloudPassage also eliminated the need to deploy seven proxy servers, a console server and an additional agent within each workload - saving Citrix $2,000 per server per year.
CloudPassage Halo was a critical technology in Xero’s project to create a security mindset among developers while providing security tools that matched the pace of agile development. The team used new technologies, best practices and a DevSecOps approach to replace the gates and gauntlets with guardrails and guidelines to accelerate innovation while maintaining security. Now, Xero developers are able to securely leverage cloud infrastructure and agile development