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In order to compete in a digital world, enterprises are moving towards agile software development and the cloud to stay nimble and continuously differentiate. However, this brings new security requirements that are challenging IT departments. Traditional security products become ineffective when the perimeter vanishes and your compute environment is automated, shared and dynamic.

From the beginning, CloudPassage worked with four cloud-forward companies — including Adobe, Fidelity and Salesforce — to purpose-build an on-demand security platform that was portable, scalable and automated manual processes. The result is CloudPassage Halo, a security-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that is up and running in minutes, and automates security and compliance controls for workloads hosted in any combination of public cloud, private cloud or data center environments. The result is fast, effective and complete security for workloads no matter where they’re running, at any scale.

The company’s unique security solution has been quickly solving problems of visibility, microsegmentation, compliance and speed for security professionals nationally. Leading enterprises like Citrix, IBM and eBay, along with more than a hundred other enterprises, use CloudPassage to enhance their security and compliance posture, while at the same time enabling business agility.

In 2015, CloudPassage Halo was included as the only solution found ‘not lacking’ in Forrester’s first workload security report. The Halo platform offers a broad coverage, agent-based cloud workload security architecture that can be deployed rapidly and provide insights instantly. Unlike traditional security tools, within minutes of deploying Halo, customers gain instant, continuous visibility into their entire infrastructure, making it faster and easier to secure critical business assets and take action when unusual behavior is detected.

CloudPassage was recently awarded three patents that extend the scope of its original, agent-based, agile security model, making CloudPassage the first company to obtain a U.S. patent for universal cloud infrastructure security.

How we are different

1) CloudPassage delivers on the company’s mission to help enterprises achieve the benefits of speed and agility promised by elastic infrastructure, while at the same time protecting critical business assets and accelerating compliance.

2) CloudPassage’s commitment to workload security has secured praise among leading analysts, and recognition from leading CISOs. Forrester Research recognized CloudPassage Halo, the company’s flagship platform, as the only solution found ‘not lacking’ in Forrester’s first-ever cloud workload security report (published June 2015).

3) With the addition of three new patents in 2015, CloudPassage is the first company to obtain a U.S. patent for universal cloud infrastructure security.