Cofense Validator

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Cofense is continuously monitoring the threat landscape for emerging threats and evolving tactics by threat actors. We see that phishing isn’t going away and it will continue to grow. Organizations make significant investments in security yet are often underwhelmed by the performance of the email security controls they have in place. Validator gives you an objective and quantitative means for evaluating and optimizing the configuration of these controls. Ensure that more threats are stopped before they penetrate the perimeter and reach employees’ inboxes.

Secure Email Gateway (SEG) products are often the cornerstone of an organization’s email security stack, but the wide range of options and configurability make it difficult know just how effective your SEG is, and with phishing tactics emerging and shifting constantly, a SEG configuration that was highly effective against yesterday’s threat landscape is no guarantee that users are shielded from today’s phishing campaign.

Use Cofense Validator to test your SEG with active phish. Real, live phishing threats identified by Cofense are sent through the SEG to see how effective they are at stopping these active threats. Customers realize instant ROI through reports with immediately actionable information.


– Customers set up a mailbox in their mail environment exclusively for Validator. The mailbox is configured with an auto-forward rule to send any emails it receives back to Cofense.

– Validator sends real threats identified by Cofense Intelligence to the mailbox. The email is either allowed by the SEG or blocked.

– Validator analyzes emails auto-forwarded from the customer’s mailbox to determine if the SEG performed any actions (such as modifying the URL or attachment).

– Customers review the test results and modify their SEG configuration to ensure a balance between efficiency and security.

How we are different

Unlike similar solutions, Validator is not simply using old payloads that were identified days or weeks ago. Validator is unique in that it is powered by Cofense Intelligence which includes some of the world’s most up to date phishing intelligence. These identified threats are sent through Validator as soon as they’re identified by Cofense Intelligence. So, in near real time after Cofense Intelligence is aware of the threat, Validator customers will know if their SEGs will allow or block it.

* TESTS USING A VARIETY OF PHISHING TACTICS: Cofense Validator leverages verified, live threats covering a variety of tactics. Not just emails with malicious links and attachments, but also impersonation tactics like Business Email Compromise (BEC). This is critical because threat intelligence insights from the past few months confirms that credential phishing is posing a significant problem for organizations with 57% of malicious phishing campaigns being Cred Phish. Because a higher volume of what's processed through Cofense Intelligence as ATRs today is Cred Phish, Validator’s active threat feed keeps pace with a test email as soon as each new ATR is published – so Validator will confirm whether that Cred Phish campaign will be blocked or allowed to reach your users’ inboxes.

* VIEW INTO PERFORMANCE ACROSS MULTIPLE SEGs: Cofense is the only email security company that sees phish that have bypassed all the major SEG vendor products. The individual SEG vendors only see what is being stopped by their technology. Cofense sees what is being missed by all the SEGs and is the only company with that advanced level of phishing intelligence. This intelligence fuels Cofense Validator and provides unmatched insight for customers to understand the performance of their SEG.