Cognito platform from Vectra

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
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One in five businesses had serious unauthorized access to their cloud environments this past year, and many more were unknowingly breached, according to the SANS Institute.

Cloud workloads are highly dynamic, coming and going in minutes. A heavy focus on automation amplifies the potential for human error in system configurations. Traditional approaches to monitoring traffic flows no longer apply.

Vectra is charting new territory for detecting and responding to threats in the cloud.

Companies have shifted to cloud services to capture favorable business models, dynamic scaling, high availability and streamlined management. Yet moving applications and services to the cloud doesn’t automatically make them more secure.

The shift to the cloud creates new attack surfaces and demands new security models.

Vectra and its flagship Cognito platform provide the world’s most consequential enterprise organizations with visibility into attacks on their cloud footprint, empowers conclusive threat hunting and enables faster incident response.

Vectra’s approach to threat detection and response blends the human expertise of world-class security researchers with a powerful of combination of machine learning, data science and behavioral analytics to reveal complex, multistage attacks.

Powered by AI, Vectra and its flagship Cognito™ network detection and response platform enable the world’s most consequential enterprise organizations to empower security analysts to expose attacks fast.

How we are different

• Security teams use the Cognito platform to detect and respond to elusive cyberattackers. Vectra was first to apply AI to automatically detect and respond to cyberattackers across AWS and Azure clouds; data center and enterprise networks, while enabling security teams to perform conclusive incident investigations and AI-assisted threat hunting.

Vectra prioritizes in-progress attacks that pose the highest business risk so security analysts know where to focus their attention first. Vectra also identifies the scope and precise locations of attacks so security teams can stop them from spreading.

Detecting attackers is incomplete without a quick response, and Vectra responds with deliberate speed. We work in real time with the entire ecosystem of cybersecurity investments to accelerate response time, stop the progression of attacks and avoid data breaches.

• Vectra is igniting a revolution in the fight against cyberthreats. Security researchers and data scientists in the Vectra Threat Labs™ take unexplained phenomena seen in customer networks and dig deeper to find the underlying reasons for the behavior.

Vectra researchers identify, investigate and report on a wide range of cyberattacks, security vulnerabilities and threat behaviors that are largely unknown to the world. With data sets from the research team, data scientists develop the intelligent machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis behind our advanced AI.

Focusing on the underlying intentions of attackers and thinking about the possible methods they use to achieve them lead to threat-detection algorithms that are incredibly effective for extended periods of time. This ensures that the security posture of our customers is not a constant race against time.

• Vectra is an innovator. Vectra is the leader in network threat detection and response across cloud, data center and enterprise infrastructures. We hold 15 U.S. patents for AI that automate the hunt for cyberattacker behaviors, and 18 patent applications are pending.