ColorTokens Xshield Microsegmentation

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Xshield is a SaaS-delivered Zero Trust microsegmentation solution that sports the latest innovation to enforce business accepted communications while identifying and blocking unauthorized communications including that of cyberattacks.

A unique benefit offered by Xshield is the ability to support a wide range of enterprise networks from on-premises, hybrid and cloud. It also supports a wide range of requirements stemming from various deployment requirements including IT, IoT/OT, agentless requirements, and containers. The ability to create microsegments across all the varying networks and deployment scenarios results in airtight security coverage across organizations’ entire network. With all connections across the network and different environments monitored and enforced, only valid applications, users, and data can traverse the network. Any potential lateral movement by cyberattacks are identified and remediated. Any attack that circumvented the perimeter defense will have limited blast radius due to the microsegments isolating its impact.

Xshield leverages the scalability of the cloud and can support organizations of all sizes from mid-size enterprise to large global enterprises. The deployment of Xshield solutions on individual servers is no more complex than a mobile user downloading an app from the cloud. No software management or delivery tools required. Cloud-based also means no on-premise hardware required. Organizations do not have to allocate space in their wiring closet, schedule downtime for installation, and allocate overtime for IT staff. All the benefit of the cloud along with unique innovations such as policy recommendations and graphic visualizers

Xsheid also sports many unique innovations such as policy recommendations, graphic visualizers and an unlimited number of tags – all designed to greatly accelerate deployment and reduce the time to secure.

How we are different

Ease of deployment – ColorTokens Xshield is cloud-based and SaaS-delivered. Unlike other solutions that require separate deployment software or appliance, deploying Xshield takes mere minutes and is as easy as downloading an app.

Fast time to secure – ColorTokens Xshield is designed to accelerate the time to deploy and configure to recognize the benefit of microsegmentation quickly. In addition to the wide range of supported network types and deployment scenarios, ColorTokens platform uniquely offers policy recommendations and unlimited number of tags to accurately characterize servers and applications.

Leverage industry standards – Some microsegmentation solutions employ proprietary appliances. Such implementation goes against industry accepted best practices and exposes enterprise to possible compliance concerns and security gaps. ColorTokens Xshied leverages security controls built-in on the server OS to leverage capabilities readily available and accepted by the industry.