ColorTokens Zero Trust Segmentation Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Zero Trust is not an initiative addressed by a single point product but rather one that brings together a consistent ‘never trust, always verify’ approach to combat modern cyberattacks. While many vendors attempt to address one area of Zero Trust initiative, ColorTokens is the only vendor with the Zero Trust platform approach that adhere to the Zero Trust concepts. ColorTokens Unified Zero Trust Segmentation Platform consists of Xshield microsegmentation, Xaccess Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Xprotect server and endpoint hardening.

Xshield is a SaaS-delivered solution that offers the latest innovation in microsegmentation. A unique benefit of Xshield is the ability to support a wide range of networks from on-premises, hybrid and cloud. Deployment requirements for IT, IoT/OT, agentless, and containers are also supported. The ability to create microsegments across the varying networks and deployment scenarios results in airtight security coverage. With all connections across the network and different environments monitored and enforced, only valid applications, users, and data can traverse the network.

Xaccess is the Zero Trust Network Access solution. In addition to replacing traditional VPN solutions, its value is the use of consistent policy engine as Xshield. Regardless of whether the user is on campus using company deployed workstations or leveraging public wifi using a personal device, Xaccess will apply the appropriate level of control and segmentation to secure the user and data without limiting productivity or user experience. ColorTokens is the only vendor offering both Zero Trust Microsegmentation and Zero Trust Network Access Solution powered by the same security engine.

Xprotect is an endpoint and server hardening solution designed to secure the servers that house the application and data. With its ability to strictly enforce the applications that can be run on the server, malware such as ransomware cannot infiltrate

How we are different

Ease of deployment – ColorTokens Zero Trust Segmentation platform is cloud-based and SaaS-delivered. Unlike other solutions that require a separate deployment software or appliance, deploying ColorTokens solution takes mere minutes and as easy as downloading an app.

Fast time to secure – ColorTokens platform is designed to accelerate the time to deploy and configure to recognize the benefit of Zero Trust security quickly. In addition to the wide range of supported network types and deployment scenarios, ColorTokens platform uniquely offers policy recommendations and unlimited number of tags to accurately characterize servers and applications.

Industry’s only comprehensive Zero Trust platform – ColorTokens provides a Zero Trust platform to address all components or organization’s Zero Trust needs. From microsegmentation across all network types to extension of the policies to remote users, ColorTokens has taken a unique approach to Zero Trust and the only vendor to provide such comprehensive solution.