comforte AG Data Security Platform

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Companycomforte AG
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


At comforte AG, we bring to market some of the most powerful and flexible data security capabilities for enterprises both large and small. For example, we protect an enormous number of financial transactions going on in the world every day, so we know a thing or two about effective data protection and everything happening upstream and downstream from it. If you’re trying to solve particular problems at very specific points in the data protection workflow, such as tokenizing transactional or PII-laden data, or perhaps protecting sensitive information within SaaS applications, we have individual modules to address those pain points. More importantly, we work with organizations that have realized the dangers of siloed data and are moving beyond just point-product treatment of sensitive information. Increasingly, we are expanding our platform approach to address data discovery, lineage tracking, classification, protection, and simplified integration and operation. Comforte’s SecurDPS data security platform is the culmination of these efforts to provide seamless coverage across a wider swath of data security.

Comforte’s data protection platform is scalable and fault-tolerant enabling robust protection of sensitive data with minimal effort and with little to no impact on existing applications. It helps organizations achieve end-to-end data protection, lower compliance costs, and a significantly reduced impact of and liability for data breaches. Gartner Research has even highlighted comforte AG as a vendor that offers different data-centric protection methods (tokenization, format-preserving encryption, data masking) on one single platform.

Our data protection capabilities provide security layers ranging from fully protecting sensitive elements or files using various data protection methods to auditing user access of a specific database record. Comforte offers a variety of data protection methods, including industry standard-based data tokenization, encryption, next-generation format-preserving encryption, data masking, and hashing.

How we are different

500+ customers around the globe, across many industries (including 50 in the Fortune 100) leverage comforte’s data protection platform to secure all kinds of structured sensitive information such as payment data, healthcare records PHI, personally identifiable information (PII), and other sensitive data elements.

More than 700 million credit cards numbers stored in databases are kept safe - meaning about 1 out of every 10 credit cards globally are protected with comforte AG. 

Comforte AG was a pioneer in data-centric security methods such as tokenization. As a matter of fact, the industry-accepted tokenization standard—ANSI X9.119-2—is the first security standard for this method and is one which comforte helped to develop.