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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope


comforte AG has been providing security solutions for mission critical systems since 1998 with a specific focus on the payments industry and its high-availability and scalability requirements. The comforte AG Enterprise Data Security platform has a significantly large customer base of well-known companies. The platform is poised for continued growth because of the exploding number of companies with board-mandated, or government-regulated, requirements to support and maintain an effective data security program.

Comforte has more than 500 customers around the globe, including 50 in the Fortune 500:

4 of the world’s 10 largest payments service providers
3 of the 5 top US banks
5 of the top 20 US retailers
2 of the top 3 credit card brands
1 of Asia’s 10 top airlines
World leading oil company
The 5 top FinTechs in Canada and Central America

The comforte Enterprise Data Security platform was designed for ease of use, scalability, and performance. To our customers this translates into simple deployments and rapid adoption with a low operating cost.

The comforte Enterprise Data Security platform ROI can be thought of in two ways:

One, Less resources needed to install, integrate and maintain the solution

Two, Cost savings from dramatically reducing the likelihood of data breaches
– Our solution requires 700 hours per year to manage, which equates to about 0.3 FTE (a full-time equivalent person), which is less than the industry standard for other enterprise security solutions.
– Initial implementation requires typically less than two weeks of professional services design. After deployment, the architecture allows for quick updates without reconfiguration; maintenance agreements cover all product updates and required support assistance.
– From a TCO point of view, the main ROIs are reduced compliance scope and a reduced risk of experiencing a data breach.

How we are different

• 500+ customers around the globe, including 50 in the Fortune 500

• More than 700 million credit cards numbers stored in databases are kept safe - meaning about 1 out of every 10 credit cards globally are protected with comforte AG.

• Solid customer endorsements, as an example: “The contrast between the full-featured overall package offered by comforte and the more limited, security-focused solution offered by your competitors is quite stark. We are certainly realizing the benefits of your solution in terms of both security and speed.” – Project Lead, Global Payment Service Provider