comforte SecurDPS Enterprise

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Companycomforte AG
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


In modern IT infrastructures, data travels between various platforms, applications and databases, leaving organizations the challenge of protecting sensitive data in an environment that is too diverse, and too widely distributed, to be protected by classic perimeter defenses.

SecurDPS by comforte AG is a data-centric security solution that protects sensitive data wherever it travels, independent of underlying database technology. It helps meet compliance with privacy regulations including GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA as well as reduces the risk of breaches. Deployment is seamless to ensure there is no performance degradation or business outage – meaning SecurDPS solves the organization’s challenge of data protection without impacting productivity.

SecurDPS helps organizations protect data by harnessing comforte AG’s patented, stateless tokenization technology to anonymize and pseudonymize sensitive and personal data at the earliest point in its lifecycle.

Not only reducing the risk of breaches but also helping to comply with privacy regulations, SecureDPS enables organizations to obtain value from data without compromising security. For instance, highly sensitive data can be shared with third parties, sent to the cloud or analyzed without risk of exposure. When protecting data in a way that it is secured but still usable, businesses are able to outsource help desk and support systems, for example, without the need for implicit trust in those providers.

SecurDPS provides protection on data at a level that is proven to be secure by independent cryptologists, and also integrates seamlessly in the customer’s environment – either by transparent integration or using native integration options & API capabilities.

A constantly growing platform allows organizations an easy and fast integration with their environments — not only on an application level, but also into their existing security infrastructures like IAM (Identity and Access Management), SIEM systems and monitoring.

How we are different

• Performance and linear scalability for high volumes of data are two very important factors that differentiate comforte from competitors.

• The comforte AG solution is used by over 500 customers around the globe, including 50 in the Fortune 500; and 1 out of every 10 credit cards globally are protected with comforte AG - meaning more than 700 million credit card numbers stored in databases are kept safe by comforte AG.

• Solid customer endorsements, as an example: “The contrast between the full-featured overall package offered by comforte and the more limited, security-focused solution offered by your competitors is quite stark. We are certainly realizing the benefits of your solution in terms of both security and speed.” – Project Lead, Global Payment Service Provider