Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

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Company size (employees)850
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The Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) product is a solution built upon a layered default deny, cloud-based and app enabled platform. Comodo AEP is made up of Comodo One Client (which includes antivirus, firewall, web URL filtering, host intrusion prevention, containment, and file reputation) and Comodo One ITSM (which allows for the configuration of the security policies and visibility into the security posture and health of the enterprise endpoints).

Comodo is uniquely positioned in the security space as both having 85 million AV users, as well as being the #1 certificate authority in the world. This combination allows Comodo’s technology to identify known “good files” (whitelist) based on the world’s largest repository of digitally signed applications, application publishers, and even OS processes. In contrast, the 85 million AV users ensure that the Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) can provide the client with the known bad files (blacklist).
AEP is lightweight, only taking up as much as 10MB of resources, and places the remaining executable that is not classified as a good file or a bad file into ‘Auto Containment’ using Comodo’s patent pending containerization technology — where the unknown process or executable continues to be analyzed. ‘Jailed’ from the OS, memory, registry and more, Comodo’s VirusScope technology analyzes the unknown file and isolated code for any malicious behavior and actions. The Comodo One Client will also make a call to Valkyrie, a cloud-based static and dynamic platform, to provide an accelerated verdict, typically in just 45 seconds. Comodo quickly converts the unknown into the known via a verdict, and either automatically releases it from the container or resets the ‘sandbox’, eliminating the threat. This provides a model of complete coverage, and 99% coverage based on customer experience and ‘battle tested’ technology.

How we are different

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection can protect against the unknown file and solves the malware problem – keeping unknown executables from running on your network with unfettered access. #MalwareProblemSolved

Comodo's fast file analysis can determine the true state of a file (either a good file or a bad file) on average of just 45 seconds, far ahead of what competitors can offer. #MalwareProblemSolved

Comodo's Advanced Endpoint Protection solution leverages a cloud file lookup service so that all users within the Comodo community share the latest file intelligence, benefiting from known and unknown executables. #MalwareProblemSolved