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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Confluera has created a fundamentally new approach to threat detection and response-an approach that drastically reduces the need to chase down each and every alert and provides real-time threat progressions to prevent a breach. Founded in 2018, Confluera provides the industry’s first and only cloud extended detection and response (CxDR) solution that can detect and prevent attackers from navigating through an organization’s environment, whether it be on-premise, cloud, or combination of the two. Its ML-powered technology identifies and tracks events across all MITRE ATT&CK tactics, including reconnaissance, discovery, and east-west traffic in real-time. Using Continuous Attack Graph technology, Confluera stitches individual events into real-time threat storyboards as they unfold, giving organizations full visibility into any attack progressions.

Despite the many modern threat detection and response solutions available today, security and IT analysts still spend the bulk of their investigation efforts manually correlating events across multiple systems and tools. Correlating events is an error-prone, tedious and time-consuming task, which often results in false alarms and/or finding malicious activity when it’s too late to take any actions to prevent a breach. Confluera’s technology continuously connects the dots to surface ‘real’ threats moving through workloads, thereby eliminating the noise of isolated and benign events. Confluera provides organizations with an entire storyboard of an attack as it progresses through the network in real-time, across any number of workloads and across any span of time.

Through a refined set of risk-prioritized storyboards curated at run-time, Confluera enables IT and security analysts to determine whether events are benign or are part of a larger attack narrative. Organizations typically experience a 90% reduction in investigation time with Confluera as a result.

Confluera is also enabled to provide rapid incident response with auto-generated remediation recommendations and targeted response steps to mitigate attacks in their tracks.

How we are different

1. The adoption of cloud-native environments have greatly outpaced the security measures. The ephemeral nature of the cloud along with technologies specific to the cloud are a huge hurdle for extending traditional security solutions to the cloud. Confluera has been purposely built for the cloud to address the unique and new challenges of the cloud.

2. Today, security analysts investigate too many alerts, most of which are false positives. Confluera stitches together the entire cyberattack sequence of events, in real-time, as the attack is progressing. The risk evaluation is done across the entire attacker sequence of events. This automated output greatly reduces ‘noise’ and increases the capacity and efficiency of the security team.

3. Confluera is the only vendor to use continuous attack graph technology, stitching together individual events into real-time threat storyboards as they unfold, giving organizations full visibility into any attack progressions.Threat storyboarding is often considered a post-breach exercise to piece together a series of events to make sense of how a breach was executed and what assets were compromised. The Confluera team designed their threat storyboarding to be real-time so organizations can have enough time to stop the attack before it leads to damages.