Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Cordoniq, is a live, interactive and immersive video collaboration platform, transcending legacy conferencing tools by offering custom interfaces and seamless business integration for a company’s new or existing product, services, business logic and workflows. It’s a military-grade secure solution, providing control through user-friendly APIs. A unified, custom-branded collaboration experience is assured. Cordoniq integrates with a company’s tech stack, tackling meeting challenges. Trust in a platform preferred by the Department of Defense.

Where others focus on generic, one size fits all, boardroom style video conferencing we help organizations create engaging experiences tailored to their exact requirements.

– Scalable video and audio encoding
– Screen, multimedia and web browser content sharing
– Desktop and mobile
– Cordoniq’s tech stack for collaboration is built using video gaming concepts:
– DirectX, Vulkan, Metal, OpenGL
– GPU capable coding and rendering (Neon, ARM)
– SIMD, Neon, SSE and MMX optimizations
– Intel and ARM assembly
– Control over privacy and security
– Comprehensive API integration
– Public or private cloud installable modules and containers
– OpenAPI support including Java and .NET/Visual Studio/JavaScript and Web developers

Key Capabilities / Features

These features are only available with Cordoniq’s video collaboration platform:

Next-Gen UX & Gamification
Cordoniq is the only video collaboration solution with gamification built from the ground up. Users can blend 2D and 3D experiences – including augmented reality, virtual reality and AI into meetings and collaboration sessions.

Virtual Meeting Rooms
With no licensing restrictions, teams can create dedicated meeting rooms and pre-populate them with digital assets like documents, files, presentations, videos and audio.

Green Video Collaboration Technology
Cordoniq combines lean code with gamification so devices achieve better utilization rates, thus reducing energy consumption and promoting carbon neutrality.

Users control the privacy and security of their content and data, including how and where it’s stored. They can route videos, audio, recordings, shared screens, documents and files to their own private cloud, public cloud, or private network.

Private Labeling
Cordoniq private labels the platform by tailoring screens and menus, creating custom features, incorporating brand messaging, logo, color schemes, custom icons and themes, and adding sounds and music.

Cordoniq is web privacy regulation-compliant, giving users the ability to protect their sensitive information from hackers and data breaches.
Users control the rights to implement the Terms of Service, license agreement, and privacy policy within the user experience.

Cordoniq builds security directly into the platform, instead of bolting it on as an afterthought. Users get true end-to-end encryption, with the latest TLS standards up to and including TLS 1.3 on all platforms.

Share Web Content
Users can display web-based applications and videos within Cordoniq’s meeting interface. This eliminates toggling between screens. The platform features a full web browser, so users can explore online content and interact with it independently during a meeting.

API & Integrations
The next-generation UX blends off-the-shelf web apps inside the interface. Cordoniq also builds APIs specific to client requirements.

How we are different

- Cordoniq stands out for its superior customization capabilities and military-grade security, offering a tailored video collaboration platform that integrates seamlessly with business systems and is trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Pentagon, Special Operations Forces, the Army National Guard, and the Air National Guard.

- The platform's next-gen user experience, powered by GPU-optimized technology, provides a robust, immersive environment that supports a wide array of devices and improves performance through advanced video game and gamification techniques.
This means the software offloads the heavy lifting of rendering videos, shared content and media to the graphics processing unit (GPU) rather than relying solely on the central processing unit (CPU) and memory. This produces smoother frames per second, and higher video resolution. Combining lean code with gamification decreases the number of computing cycles needed on both cloud data center modules and handheld devices by fully leveraging their low-level capabilities. As a result, devices achieve better utilization rates. This significantly reduces energy consumption and promotes carbon neutrality.

- A commitment to user privacy and control is evident in Cordoniq’s API-first design, allowing complete control of the entire collaboration experience, extensive integration options, and private cloud deployment, setting a new standard in secure, customizable communication solutions.