Cornerstone Managed File Transfer Server

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CompanySouth River Technologies
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


Cornerstone MFT closes the security gaps in your current file transfer processes while improving efficiency and visibility. Secure file transfer is critical, but encrypting data while it’s stored on your servers is equally important.

Cornerstone is the only MFT solution with real-time PGP encryption of files, encrypting and writing data in a single step, rather than writing an unsecure version of the file and encrypting it in a separate step.

Cornerstone also supports a wide variety of file transfer protocols. Regardless of the preferred method of your partners, Cornerstone can accommodate without costly add-ons. Included in the solution are SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, WebDAV/S, and AS2.

Whether it’s internal security policies to protect your business, or government privacy regulations such as HIPAA, SOX or PCI, Cornerstone helps you to execute on your security initiatives. Cornerstone is used by international banks, healthcare services and government agencies where compliance and staying ahead of the latest security standards is critical.

Cornerstone MFT is available on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. For added protection, Cornerstone can be paired with the optional DMZedge server for perimeter security that doesn’t require copying files into an unsecure DMZ.

Cornerstone MFT was named Product of the Week by Network World in 2015 and was named one of the best secure file transfer servers by ITT Systems in 2016. Cornerstone also won a silver medal in the Secure File Transfer Category of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2018 and 2019.

How we are different

• PGP encryption of stored files is a critical requirement for a managed file transfer solution, yet most are implemented in a multi-step process that leaves data on the disk temporarily unencrypted for thousands of processor cycles. Cornerstone is the only MFT solution with real-time PGP encryption of files, encrypting the file without ever leaving data temporarily unsecured. Because data is encrypted in a single step, there is no need to scrub an unencrypted file image that is marked as deleted.

• The commitment to use the latest NSA-approved security standards keeps Cornerstone MFT at the highest level of strong security. By using SHA3 Hashing, the known vulnerabilities of SHA1 are avoided, and security levels exceed the current standard, SHA2, which also has a shelf life. Keeping ahead of the common standard ensures that Cornerstone MFT customers won’t ever be in the position of waiting for their vendor to catch up to security standards.

• Cornerstone is the only MFT Server that allows for the ability to access files in real time without the need to sync to your device. Therefore, if a laptop gets lost or is stolen, no files can be compromised because nothing is required to be stored locally.