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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Corsha is an Identity Provider for Machines that allows an enterprise to securely connect, move data, and automate with confidence from anywhere to anywhere. Corsha builds dynamic identities for trusted machines and brings innovation like automated, one-time-use MFA credentials to APIs.

Corsha’s mission is to secure data in motion and bring zero trust to machines, systems, and services. Today DevSecOps and security teams often are forced to compromise by using static, long-lived API keys, tokens, and certificates as weak proxies for machine identity and access. Our Identity Provider offers visibility and control over automated API traffic and enables real-time revocation and rotation of identity without disrupting other workloads.

Whether it is across hybrid cloud infrastructure, data centers, or even manufacturing shop floors, Corsha reimagines machine identity to keep pace with the scale of data and deployment needed today. We ensure automated communication from anywhere to anywhere is pinned to only trusted microservices, workloads, servers, controllers, and more.

The use of API keys, tokens, and certificates for authentication is a weak proxy for machine identity today, proving to be costly, risky, and incomplete. Corsha’s Identity Platform helps organization move past these outdated secrets management approaches and unlock secure connectivity and data movement at scale.

How we are different

Corsha offers discovery, observability, and enforcement, creating dynamic identities for trusted clients and adding an automated, one-time use MFA credential to every API call, ensuring only trusted machines are able to leverage keys, tokens or certificates across applications, services, and infrastructure.

Corsha reimagines identity and access management by bringing machine identity at the pace of automation across clouds, data centers, or shop floors. Corsha’s Identity Platform helps an organization move past outdated secrets management approaches and unlocks secure connectivity and data movement at scale.

Corsha's culture is more than just a set of values; it's a mindset. We foster an environment where ideas are not just welcomed but heard. We believe outstanding people are the key to our success and we have built a culture to foster creativity, accountability, and collaboration.