CovertSwarm / Dynamic Attack Surface Management

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


A solution underpinned by shared intelligence.

Your approach to cyber attacks must evolve to keep pace with organisational change. With most cyber security breaches occurring many days before detection, effectively simulated assaults must be constant. The CovertSwarm Portal captures detailed information about your business structure, processes, technology roadmap, and architecture.

Harnessing the collective hive mind of our Swarm of ethical hackers, our attack surface management portal serves as a dynamic library of vulnerabilities and live attack surface mapping. It empowers us to pinpoint and address threats in real-time, keeping an organisation one step ahead.

The CovertSwarm Portal creates a unique experience, which combines the accessibility of an easy-to-use SaaS solution and the tailored client communication with our swarm of ethical hackers.

The CovertSwarm Portal provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of their assets (Technology, Person, Process, Digital) through various reconnaissance and allows them to add their own business context to determine the areas of their business that could be most at threat from malicious actors.

Key Capabilities / Features

- The CovertSwarm Portal offers continuous discovery and prioritisation of assets.

- Get setup on the portal within a few clicks and have insights immediately available when you first log in.

- Extensive list of automations including: Automated attack surface reconnaissance, Dark web domain monitoring, Breached credential discovery and alerting

- Threat alerts curated by our team of internal experts. These are updated based on the latest industry updates, including exploitability and patching.

- Direct the Swarm to attack any weak spots in your business and simulate an attack

- View and interact with vulnerabilities, including sharing these with ticketing systems, including platforms like Jira

How we are different

- CovertSwarm's Attack Surface Management service leverages the collective knowledge and skills of our Swarm of ethical hackers. Through our attack surface management portal, we provide a dynamic library of discovered vulnerabilities and live attack surface mapping, empowering organisations with valuable insights and proactive threat intelligence.

- Our clients gain continual insights into your cyber risk gap and potential areas of compromise. Our Attack Surface Management service doesn't just highlight current vulnerabilities; it also provides actionable steps to mitigate risks and enhance your organisation's security posture over time.

- Unlike standalone functionalities, CovertSwarm integrates Attack Surface Management seamlessly with our Red Team services. We don't just monitor the attack surface; we analyse changes over time and focus on what we have already attacked, ensuring a targeted and less noisy approach to identifying critical threats.