CrowdStrike Charlotte AI

Additional Info

Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


CrowdStrike transformed cybersecurity with the first AI-native platform and was one of the first companies to bring to market an AI-powered SOC assistant, Charlotte AI. With Charlotte AI, users of any skill levels can turn hours of work into minutes by simply asking questions in plain English about their security environment and the threat landscape and receive intuitive answers straight from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. Organizations can use Charlotte AI to address many of the most critical challenges facing the security community, including closing the cybersecurity skills gap and speeding response times to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated adversaries.

To empower organizations to safely embrace generative AI, CrowdStrike centered the needs and concerns of security teams within the architecture of Charlotte AI. Charlotte AI delivers performance without compromise: elevating security analysts and accelerating their workflows, all while protecting privacy, auditing for accuracy and enforcing role-based safeguards for safety.

Frank Dickson, Group VP of Security and Trust at IDC noted, “CrowdStrike continues to focus on security outcomes, stopping breaches. Its application of GenAI is no exception, looking to accelerate and optimize every phase of the analyst experience to make them both more efficient and effective.”

Key Capabilities / Features

Charlotte AI delivers the transformative power of conversational AI to organizations. By leveraging multiple foundational AI models, Charlotte AI turns hours of work into minutes or seconds, democratizing cybersecurity and delivering value across the entire Falcon platform. Charlotte AI makes security teams faster, better and smarter by:

- Elevating analysts of all skill levels – enabling them to ask questions, get answers back in plain language and take rapid action through workflow automation.

- Accelerating security actions and outcomes – minimizing investigation and response time. Early adopters reported that they can answer questions about their security posture 75% faster, write queries 57% faster, and hunt down attackers 52% more efficiently.

- Simplifying cybersecurity management – enabling the responsible adoption of AI innovations with built in security and trust, including viewable and traceable source data, role-based access controls and advanced safeguards keeps organizations safe.

How we are different

- Built By the Leading AI Security Innovator: Charlotte AI is the culmination of 10+ years of industry-first innovation and delivering AI-powered security through the CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform. CrowdStrike is uniquely positioned to lead the security industry as it applies best-of-breed generative AI technologies and CrowdStrike’s unsurpassed platform data, threat intelligence and expert-labeled insight to deliver a purpose-built assistant designed to elevate every security analyst, from novice to security expert.

- Supported by Insights From the World’s Best Practitioners: The most critical set of data — and one that no other vendor in the world can match — is CrowdStrike’s human-validated content. As the globally recognized leader in MDR services, CrowdStrike is in a unique position to codify the learnings of the world’s most elite threat hunters and security practitioners into our data set that Charlotte AI utilizes. This is the massive data set of how our people — from across CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch managed threat hunting, CrowdStrike Falcon Complete managed detection and response, CrowdStrike Services, CrowdStrike Intelligence and more — stop breaches in the real world. Charlotte AI utilizes the comprehensive combination of these three massive data sets. While other vendors may have data sets from one of the aforementioned categories, CrowdStrike is the industry’s only vendor to bring the power of all three of them together.

- Easily Deployed Via a True Platform: The CrowdStrike platform is a true single agent, single console platform with a unified data layer. This empowers customers to quickly and easily deploy new innovations and capabilities like Charlotte AI by simply turning on these new features within their environments, unlike the majority of vendors that require extra consoles, agents, or other time-consuming extra steps to deploy generative AI assistants.