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Company size (employees)10 - 49
Type of solutionSoftware


CryptoMove is a new active defense data protection startup in Silicon Valley. CryptoMove’s innovative database security approach protects data with dynamic movement, distribution, mutation, and re-encryption.

Today’s databases are static and unchanging, making it easy for adversaries to hide in a system, study it, and plan attacks at their leisure. Attackers have an asymmetric advantage and steal clear text, ciphertext, encryption keys, mount cryptographic attacks, destroy data, ransomware data, or corrupt data’s integrity.

Current database security relies on transparent data encryption or tokenization, which is still static and stationary. Attackers regularly dump databases and make it past these measures. At best, tokenization today only substitutes one vulnerability for another.

Traditional prevention and detection are digital equivalents of locks, cameras, traps, walls, and security guards. These fail. Attackers break locks, turn invisible to evade cameras, discover traps, go over and under walls, and there are simply not enough security guards to keep up. To make matters worse, quantum computers threaten to unravel all current encryption in a Y2K-style event.

CryptoMove’s innovative database tokenization approach makes data in a database a constantly shifting and moving target. Attackers cannot identify data of interest to mount attacks. Time is a disadvantage, because data is constantly moving, fragmenting, and mutating. And if attackers manage to identify, steal, or destroy any data, all they have are worthless encrypted fragments. CryptoMove’s system distributes copies automatically for resiliency and redundancy, and is resilient to attack and failure. Quantum computers don’t matter, because attackers can’t collect encrypted data to brute force.

CryptoMove integrates as a database plug-in, completely transparent to the underlying application. Conventional detection or prevention increases defenders’ work and heightens cyber-adversaries’ asymmetric advantage. CryptoMove’s active defense data protection approach, however, increases costs for attackers while making defenders’ tasks easier. This flips the asymmetry — in favor of defense.

How we are different

CryptoMove is a groundbreaking and innovative approach to database protection that leverages dynamic movement, distribution, mutation, and re-encryption instead of protecting databases with conventional static defenses. CryptoMove integrates with databases as a plug-in, moving, distributing, and dynamically mutating data across any number of environments. This is transparent to the underlying application. Current database encryption and tokenization is not secure, and at best substitutes one vulnerability for another. CryptoMove uniquely increases security and resiliency, reduces defender workloads, and increases costs and frustrates cyber-adversaries.

CryptoMove is backed and advised by top investors and security industry leaders, including Tim Draper and Draper Associates venture capital firm, as well as early investors, founders, and executives from Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Palantir, Facebook, Cyphort, Cisco, Juniper, and others.

CryptoMove has a top team that has been on the ground floor of multiple successful enterprise and security startups, has invented distributed programming languages, built next-generation military moving target defense security systems, and has enforced data protection and cybercrime for Fortune 500 technology giants.