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Company size (employees)30


Cryptshare solves the dual problems of email encryption and handling of large files in an ad hoc use case; send what you need to securely, right now to whomever you need to regardless of size, directly from your email. Cryptshare has won wide acclaim in large corporations for its ease of use and speed to deliver value to the enterprise. One client described it as “encryption that normal people can use, if you can use email you can use Cryptshare.”
Based in Germany, Cryptshare is winning clients against large competitors around the globe and especially in the US. Where many products out there solve one or other of these known problems, the functionality is often buried far out of sight of the normal user and is often in more than one product. By concentrating on just the key issues, and keeping it simple, Cryptshare has won over 2000 corporate sites and more than 2 million users, and it is the largest customers that are gaining huge commercial advantage by being able to protect everything they need to easily, and continue to use the much favored email platforms already in place. Cryptshare makes email better.
The Cryptshare team have not had the luxury of heavy funding, all of the achievements to date have been won using money earned in the market, by proving the excellence and effectiveness of what they have, by making a solution that is better, more cost effective and easier to use than anything else out there. Give the users something they can use with no training every day and give the IT team a powerful management and control tool with detailed audit trail and a powerful policy engine. Software for the real world. Cryptshare, making email better.

How we are different

· Cryptshare has won over 2 million users with no external funding.
· Cryptshare has broken into the US market from Europe through the excellence of the product and legendary service and support.
· Cryptshare places complex encryption in the hands of all email users, completely ad hoc, and easy to use.
PS Cryptshare is super green. With over 30 staff we have just one parking space, reserved for visitors.