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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


CSPi, a 50-year-old security and IT solutions provider, takes a disciplined approach in providing innovative, highly effective enterprise-wide cybersecurity. We have a long history of achievement in security solutions starting with US government defense programs, as a supplier of critical components for the AWAC’s radar systems currently deployed across the globe. In addition, our Myricom® ARC Series of network adapters play a strategic role in fighting the global war on terror, capturing critical data for intelligence agencies around the world.

With applications like this failure is not an option and webring the same mentality to bear when solving cybersecurity issues. Our latest security solutions are squarely focused on protecting an organization’s most critical assets, including PII/PHI data.

Cybersecurity technology and methods are struggling to keep up with the continued onslaught of data breaches, as well as with the agile DevOps methodology organizations are adopting to build and deploy applications. Therefore, the industry needs not only better security tools, but also a new approach to SecDevOps by protecting applications early in the development stage which involves a rework of how lnfoSec, operations, and networking teams implement security processes and policies within the organization.

Our latest security offering ARIA Software Defined Security, with its patented technology, is uniquely positioned to transform the way companies perform cybersecurity work by:

• Applying advanced security features to applications through simple to use connectors
• Providing highly detailed reporting on the exact exposed data records and all conversations between devices
• Automatically verify and notify of a breach against PII/PHI as it is occurring
• Properly protect the data with appropriate type and level of encryption.

This is just the beginning! Yet our focus will remain on creating the most effective ways to protect an organization’s critical assets, no matter where the data is accessed, processed and

How we are different

1. We are the only company tackling all of the challenges associated with the complexities of data security in today’s highly flexible and scalable networks; existing tools only address portions of the issue.
2. Our award-winning and patented ARIA SDS solution is a cost-effective, simple and automated approach to SecDevOps.
3. We are providing new approaches, and bleeding edge network and data security technology normally found in a start-ups, but being a 50 year-old public company customers can be assured of our stability.