CultureAI Human Risk Management Platform

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The commonly cited statistic that 74% of all security breaches involve human error underscores the critical role employees play in an organisation’s cyber security. Employees make mistakes, engage in risky behaviours, and are targeted by social engineering attacks – all of which can lead to devastating breaches.

Recognising this, James Moore launched CultureAI in 2018, to enable organisations to tangibly reduce their human cyber risks. An ethical hacker with over 12 years’ experience in offensive and defensive cyber security, James has a deep understanding of how vulnerabilities can be exploited and what precautions organisations should take.

The CultureAI Human Risk Management Platform empowers security teams to monitor, reduce, and fix workplace security risks with one comprehensive dashboard. It not only pinpoints risky employee behaviours and patterns but also automates Targeted Coaching and risk remediation.

Seamlessly integrating with modern tech stacks, CultureAI continuously monitors apps and employee behaviours to uncover and mitigate risks as they happen. While Automated Interventions and Nudges streamline risk response and minimises time and costs spent on manually triaging each risk.

The CultureAI platform also empowers employees: by transparently showing them their positive and negative security behaviours, each employee can learn from their choices and modify their behaviours appropriately.

As a leader in innovative human risk management solutions, CultureAI partners with cutting-edge companies worldwide including Tide, Revolut, Three Mobile, Delivery Hero, Dojo, and Marie Curie.

Key Capabilities / Features

The innovative CultureAI Human Risk Management Platform, empowers security teams to identify workforce security risks, coach employees in the moment, and automate fixes.

Key benefits are:
- Visibility of real-time employee risks in a single dashboard
- Comprehensive reporting and analytics
- Rapid deployment and quick time-to-value
- Engage employees at the point of risk with just-in-time education
- Provide Targeted Coaching based on individual risk scores
- Employees can access and understand their own security risk score and receive guidance through a fully branded employee portal
- Save time and effort with automated tools and workflows
- Automatically prevent sensitive data loss and unauthorised access
- Reduce response and remediation time for security incidents
- Push data to SIEMs and ticketing platforms

Key features are:
- Human Risk Monitoring: Identify and track risky employee security behaviours in real time
- Intelligent phishing simulations: Automatically delivered to employees based on their job role, location, and historic susceptibility to phishing
- Just-in-time education: Bite-sized, relevant content delivered at the point of risk
- Rewards and gamification: Instantly reward employees for good behaviour
- Automated Interventions: Automated workflows instantly detect and fix risks
- Nudges: Empower employees to evaluate and fix their own risks
- Reporting: Track behaviour and risk change over time with comprehensive dashboards and automated reporting

How we are different

CultureAI differentiates through its holistic, innovative approach, providing unparalleled visibility into an organisation's real-world human risks. Integrating seamlessly with modern tech stacks to automatically monitor, reduce, and fix workplace risks all through a single dashboard.

Visibility into a wide range of real-world risks: CultureAI identifies workforce risks in real time and surfaces them on the Human Risk Dashboard – from password reuse and unauthorised software use to malicious email clicks and oversharing sensitive data on platforms like ChatGPT or Slack. With these insights, organisations can automate Targeted Coaching and Interventions, delivered precisely at the point of risk. Additionally, positive behaviours can be highlighted, recognised, and rewarded accordingly.

Automated risk remediation: CultureAI understands that traditional security training doesn't change behaviours, and human errors are inevitable. Even the most security-savvy employees can make mistakes. Therefore, with CultureAI, organisations can set up Automated Interventions that fix risks right as they happen, or nudge employees to assess and fix the risk themselves with a single click.

Innovative and scalable: The scalability of the CultureAI platform enables it to meet the unique needs of any organisation, offering various solutions and integrations that can be customised as required. Most importantly, their commitment to innovation ensures that their platform keeps pace with the rapidly evolving risk landscape.