CyberGRX Creates Actionable Cyber Risk Intelligence

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


When it comes to cyber risk, there is not one single threat intelligence source, technology or methodology that can provide insight into the full picture of risk. How you gather all various types of intelligence and compile it into one holistic dataset is what will actually give you the greatest visibility.

CyberGRX’s revolutionary Exchange platform incorporates numerous cyber risk intelligence sources to provide timely and actionable threat insights.

CyberGRX is able to deliver cyber risk intelligence focused on third parties by compiling the standardized data within the Exchange platform and applying machine learning, advanced analytics and threat intelligence (through partnerships with industry leaders such as Recorded Future and RiskRecon) to enable security professionals to think holistically about risk and provide information that they can act on, not just analyze.

CyberGRX is looking to confront the threat intelligence status quo by creating a data-driven methodology for cyber risk and allowing all data sources to collaborate and provide the ultimate overall risk picture. CyberGRX goes beyond traditional vendor risk management capabilities to bring in innovative intelligence capabilities that give customers the confidence to not only predict and prevent cyberattacks, but work with affected third parties to plug security gaps.

As a data-driven solution, CyberGRX’s goal is to go beyond the self-assessment to actually provide actionable insight. Not only does CyberGRX provide visibility into third-party ecosystems, but they have the most extensive cyber risk intelligence data in the market today to give customers the confidence also to predict and prevent these attacks, and work with affected third parties to plug security gaps.

How we are different

-A holistic threat and analytics database: CyberGRX serves as a one-stop-shop for threat and risk analytics, providing customers with the tools to be efficient and secure without the extra work. With Predictive Data, CyberGRX uncovers areas of risk that may have gone unreported and provide a path forward with remediation by leveraging MITRE techniques to create kill chains and use cases

-A true focus on cyber risk intelligence: CyberGRX is the only risk management platform with a focus on third-party threat profiles. These features along with their unique ability to triangulate Exchange data, threat intelligence and other rich data sources will enable portfolio-level insights to support better risk management decisions.

-Facilitates collaboration and improves third-party relationships: CyberGRX enables third-party cyber risk management, strengthening shared responsibility between interconnected organizations. The company’s predictive risk intelligence capabilities and threat profiles allow enterprises to identify security gaps in their internal controls, as well as their third parties, combining the two analyses into a total risk evaluation. Without the data supplied by CyberGRX, the world as we know it will be substantially less secure.