CyberGRX Helps Organizations Tackle Vendor Risks

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


CyberGRX understands that managing and mitigating risk posed by suppliers, vendors and partners has been challenging for many organizations, as they already struggle to keep up with threats in their own organizations.

To help organizations understand and mitigate the threats these third-parties pose, CyberGRX has developed and introduced a variety of features. Some of the most notable features available in the CyberGRX Exchange are:

Threat Profiles: This feature allows customers to easily identify vendors’ control gaps typically exploited in common/recent attacks. This information provides a breakdown of which third parties are most likely to experience an attack. CyberGRX offers Threat Profiles aligned with specific campaigns such as Log4j, SolarGate, CodeCov, Microsoft Exchange Servers and more.

Framework Mapper: This feature maps CyberGRX’s assessment results back to custom or industry frameworks, enabling customers to measure data protection policies and standards of third parties.

Attack Scenario Analytics: CyberGRX has mapped their entire risk analytics platform with 150+ MITRE kill chains. CyberGRX is the only third-party cyber risk management company to do so. Customers are able to better understand the gaps in their third parties’ security postures and improve the defensibility over their overall ecosystem.

Predictive Risk Profiles: By leveraging standardized data within the Exchange platform and applying advanced machine learning and data analytics, CyberGRX can forecast how individual third parties within a company’s vendor ecosystem will answer each assessment question with an accuracy rate of up to 85%, eliminating the wait for data from assessments.

Breach Monitoring and Alerting: CyberGRX leverages advanced threat intelligence to provide Exchange members visibility and alerts to third-party breaches within their portfolio in near real-time.

CyberGRX has developed and implemented the necessary features to be able to collect the most comprehensive datasets, and in turn, the most actionable insights that no other vendor risk management solution has.

How we are different

CyberGRX helps organizations combat today’s top threats. Hackers are no longer going after the biggest targets, but the target with the most connections. They’re deploying ransomware and exploiting vulnerabilities within these organizations and use them as avenues to larger companies. As we’ve seen with Log4j, SolarWinds and others, this will continue to occur. CyberGRX is dedicated to delivering real-time insights around recent cyber events to help our users quickly identify potential risks, and prioritize follow-up activities, which is critical in minimizing the impact of these attacks.

CyberGRX enables organizations to shift the focus back to the business. Customers do not have to spend excess time or further investment in assessing risk posed by vendors, as the platform can provide immediate visibility into risk across an entire vendor portfolio, allowing security teams to quickly mitigate risks and then return to their own security postures.

​​CyberGRX has the most advanced cyber risk dataset. With over 130,000 companies and over 10,000 completed assessments, CyberGRX has curated validated cyber risk data that is unattainable by any other solution in the market. Additionally, more than 80% of the top 500 companies requested by customers are already on the Exchange, making it easy for customers to immediately begin assessing risk.