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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


CyberInt fuses impactful threat intelligence with attack surface management which is tailored to the online footprint and needs of each organization. This provides their clients with extensive integrated visibility into their risk exposure enabling them to preemptively counter bad actors. With an impactful and real-time approach that fast-tracks to zero false positives, CyberInt is able to break through a crowded cybersecurity industry.

CyberInt’s impactful intelligence platform offers a holistic and integrated approach, combining external Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM), advanced threat intelligence, extensive phishing detection as well as social media and brand abuse monitoring. The company’s SaaS-based platform collects and indexes raw intelligence, providing analysis, dissemination, and remediation, without overloading clients with unnecessary information. CyberInt cancels out the noise through prioritization of risks, helping organizations focus on the real and prominent threats. CyberInt does this by dynamically categorizing and analyzing intelligence from an unrivaled range and variety of sources in real-time.

CyberInt’s clients enjoy clear mapping of their external attack surface, leaving no blind spots when it comes to thwarting threats outside of the security borders. CyberInt’s different modules work together to infuse and enrich their platform, identifying and remediating weaknesses that other solutions cannot detect seamlessly and continuously. The comprehensive offering is achieved by pairing AI with specially-trained analysts to track and infiltrate threat actor groups. CyberInt’s expansive presence across the open, deep, and dark web allows clients to enjoy real-time actionable threat intelligence alerts with 99% accuracy.

CyberInt’s track record of uncovering threats before anyone else knows about them has led not only to a more effective offering but to the platform becoming a trusted source of information for journalists and the cyber world as a whole.

How we are different

CyberInt tracks threats outside the security borders of the company/client. Many of the competitions focus on understanding the threat landscape within the borders of a company. While security efforts must be put here, by not analyzing and tracking threat events outside the perimeter, companies are missing breaches that have happened or that are being planned. CyberInt’s approach ensures they have an expansive presence across the open, deep, and dark web, ensuring real-time actionable threat intelligence alerts with 99% accuracy.

CyberInt’s use of technological intelligence paired with human intelligence to track down threat actors and analyze the threat landscape, ensures that they are able to meet the actions of threat actors with greater accuracy and force. CyberInt’s approach shows an understanding that behind cyber attacks are real people, who are driven by things and act upon events that computers and AI cannot predict. By pairing AI with human intelligence, CyberInt ensures that they have the upper hand in tracking cyber events.

CyberInt takes a holistic approach to threat intelligence which addresses people, skills, and technology as well as processes and governance to achieve effective cyber resilience.