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Company size (employees)50
Headquarters RegionEurope


CyberInt has developed a unique proposition that looks at the threats beyond businesses perimeters and mitigates them before they become actual incidents. This done through a combination of both products and services that range from targeted threat intelligence to protecting businesses online assets and engagements (social media, website, etc.) and to simulating complex attack scenarios on the business to identify any weaknesses in their defenses before the “bad guys” find them.

The fact that CyberInt can identify the threat before it materializes and then check the organizations defenses based on those threats, allows its customers to take a proactive approach in handling cybersecurity.

CyberInt also looks at threats on companies’ supply chains and provides all of its products and services as a managed service. This allows CyberInt’s customers to utilize CyberInt’s capabilities for response and not only for detection.

CyberInt has been recognized by both Gartner and Forrester as an innovator in the cybersecurity space. CyberInt’s span globally and include top finance, retail and telecommunication organizations.

How we are different

- CyberInt's portfolio covers all of organizations' needs for protection in their digital engagements, from identifying threats on the dark web to mitigating the attacks on digital channels and continuously testing the business' security controls from the outside in.

- All of CyberInt's services are provided as a managed service, allowing their customers to utilize external resources for detection and response. Scaling up or down as needed.

- The unique combination of constantly monitoring the changing threat landscape and validating the company's security controls positions CyberInt in a prime position to mitigate attacks before they materialize.