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Cyberleaps revolutionized IT Risk Management and Cybersecurity through there proprietary Risk Scoring Algorithm. Automated control monitoring provide the risk tolerance, control mitigations applied, and metrics for the critical infrastructure. Cyberleaps has fully integrated the the IT Risk model to include cybersecurity, dynamic enterprise wide sense and respond automated technology, and configurable dashboards and reports. Providing an antifragile infrastructure, introduces machine learning with capabilities to adapt undetected, secure shell, and provide a vast amount of data feed in the neo4j Graph DB that builds intricate metadata that can show relationships through our proprietary algorithm. The extrapolation layer with an advanced UI makes IT Risk Management and Cybersecurity easy to manage. The capabilities continue to grow by the second. 10 million downloads…

How we are different

Revolutionized IT Risk Management and Cybersecurity
Proprietary Risk Scoring Algorithm
Sense and respond technology