CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite leverages our in-house vulnerability research and cyber analyst teams to deliver continuous, real-time discovery of any healthcare delivery provider’s connected medical devices and clinical network. CyberMDX provides 360-degree visibility via in-depth network inspection using Layer7 medical protocol expertise and artificial intelligence. The system then assesses the risk of each medical device, factoring in each device’s known exposures, the attack potential, and operational criticality.

CyberMDX empowers users with Device-Centric Risk Management (DCRM). This is our layered approach to cyber security that protects each device, driving remediation and mitigation directly on the medical and IoT assets. The solution offers a prioritized list of asset groups and recommended actions to remediate or mitigate the risks associated with these assets on three distinct protection layers: on-device, on-network, on-perimeter. This is inherently more robust than other solutions, as it closes the loop from vulnerability to remediation/mitigation actions, illustrating the risk reduction before the action is taken.
DCRM employs an intelligently weighted algorithm which uses continuous calculation across 3 dimensions – asset criticality, dominant risk and auxiliary risk to help hospitals prioritize which assets need immediate remediation. Because DCRM presents actionable remediation and mitigation recommendations at all levels (i.e., device, network, and perimeter), it enables IT and security teams to know in advance which specific risks will be resolved to find the best balance between effort and impact. This empowers hospitals to proactively trigger remediation workflows and track their progress.
CyberMDX protects the devices that healthcare delivery organizations count on every day to keep people well and alive. You can’t d

How we are different

Frictionless and Actionable Risk Management – Launched in February 2021, the CyberMDX Device Centric Risk Management (DCRM) approach provides unique out-of-the-box, intelligent risk scoring and prioritization across the entire inventory (i.e., individual assets and asset groups); actionable remediation or mitigation recommendations – at the device, network and perimeter levels; preview of actions impact before actually applying them; and smart tracking of asset risk related workflows. CyberMDX’s new approach improves on the current models available which lack the required intelligence to effectively remediate and mitigate the risk.

Customized Experiences by User – The CyberMDX Healthcare Security Suite is customizable to meet the needs of the different personas who use it. Whether IT/Security, biomedical engineers, or C-level managers - each can experience operationalized asset and risk management, incident response, insights, and reports in a setting designed for what they want to see and need to know. In addition, administrators can implement this solution to their preferred form factor – on premise (hardware or virtual), cloud or hybrid.

Ransomware-ready Device Security – The CyberMDX solution provides ransomware preparedness by delivering an ongoing assessment of risk originating from potential ransomware attacks, as well as early indications of a ransomware attack that are developing. These capabilities, when combined with CyberMDX Research and cyber analyst team, provide customers with first-hand insights and hands-on expertise that together helps ensure layers of device protection. The CyberMDX team is comprised of the industry’s foremost experts with a track record of medical device vulnerability discoveries that is unparalleled in healthcare security.