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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)CyberMDX
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware
Approximate number of users worldwide500

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1. Interdepartmental HDO functionality and true workflow enablement: CyberMDX takes a holistic, 360° view of healthcare organizations and understands that only by building a common frame of reference and cross-departmental synergies can wholesale progress be achieved. Beyond mere security, CyberMDX provides security, IT, clinical engineering and compliance teams with a platform for data-driven workflow enablement and collaboration.
2. Unmatched, context-aware visibility: CyberMDX delivers deep visibility into medical devices, protocols, and connected things of all sorts — along with a clear-eyed view of their clinical context. This deep and contextual visibility drives prevention, incident response, risk mitigation, and lifecycle management (including patch availability notifications). The solution covers medical devices, IoT, and OT across the entire network — providing a single pane of glass from which to view all connected healthcare assets.
3. Superior depth and breadth of risk reporting around clinical and critical assets: CyberMDX has a dedicated research team focused solely on connected healthcare and IoMT. The team works with medical device manufactures and regulatory bodies such as CISA (formerly ICS-CERT), ECRI, MITRE and the FDA to spot and lock down cybersecurity hazards and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors. CyberMDX offers both automatable and bespoke reporting supported by a dedicated team of healthcare cybersecurity analysts, delivering highly actionable reports and tailored advisories for better, more proactive security planning and enforcement.


CyberMDX delivers endpoint visibility, network threat prevention and operational analytics for medical, IoT, and OT devices. CyberMDX’s best-in-class solution was built from the ground up for healthcare delivery organizations. The agentless solution automates the most granular, context-aware device profiling available on the market and combines it with healthcare tailored risk assessment and remediation capabilities.

The network-based solution provides a single pane of glass, around which security, IT and biomed teams can gather and work. Using CyberMDX, healthcare teams can easily:
* Audit devices for software vulnerabilities and prioritize patching
* Detect malicious activity and behavioral anomalies, triggering responses accordingly
* Manage risks proactively via smart micro-segmentation planning and automation
* Streamline clinical compliancy programs
* Report device-relevant FDA recalls
* Optimize device allocation and procurement decision based on usage insights
* Track and manage medical asset lifecycles
* Provide rich reports in support of HIPAA and corporate compliance efforts
* Seamlessly integrate with existing cyber and IT solutions to enrich data sets, enhance workflows, and enable operational excellence

CyberMDX’s Professional Services team focuses on planning, implementing, and supporting solution configurations and deployments according to the specific needs and constraints of each customer organization. Deeply rooted in industry experience and unmatched in cyber expertise, we are committed to working cooperatively with our customers to ensure successful use cases.

In addition, the CyberMDX medical device research team is constantly working with manufacturers to discover vulnerabilities — helping to improve cybersecurity posture

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