Cyberpion Reveals and Reduces Expanding Attack Surface and Digital Supply Chains

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


Cyberpion solves the rising cybersecurity challenge of understanding the risks in your extended attack surface; including all internet facing assets and their digital supply chains. Knowing how your organization is vulnerable, where those threats come from, and what infrastructures are at risk, is critical to preventing an attack and strengthens your security posture. Cyberpion makes organizations aware of these vulnerabilities and helps mitigate them by continuously discovering, assessing, prioritizing, and accelerating remediation of the threat vectors present throughout online ecosystems that exist outside the traditional security perimeter.

Cyberpion’s platform continuously performs discovery and vulnerability assessments on all of the enterprise’s external-facing assets, connections and third-party platform dependencies far beyond the coverage of other security tools. Establishing a comprehensive, up-to-date, prioritized and actionable vulnerability inventory, the Cyberpion platform provides security teams with clear indications of high priority threats, and the actions that should be taken to resolve them before they can be exploited. With prevention from day one and no installation, configurations, or modifications required to existing IT, Cyberpion leverages machine learning to provide automatic protection with zero human intervention.

How we are different

- Digital Supply Chain and External Asset Discovery: Modern applications are increasingly reliant on third parties and external assets for content and functionality. The connection strength is a key factor in determining the impact of the connected assets on the customer’s owned assets. External assets are also deployed across diverse environments and technology frameworks. Cyberpion uniquely discovers the organization’s externally connected assets from direct third parties to indirect Nth party connections, providing full visibility of the connected digital supply chain.
“After working with Cyberpion for over a year, its cyber security platform gives us the critical visibility we need to solve the difficult challenge of managing the risks and vulnerabilities in our entire external attack surface and digital supply chain." René Rindermann, CISO, E.On

- Risky Connection Vulnerabilities: As the enterprise’s external attack surface continues to expand, and different technologies, frameworks, and services are used, it is crucial to map the digital supply chains and assess which “connection chains” pose a risk to the organization. Cyberpion assesses the entire organizational digital supply chain to identify risky connection vulnerabilities.

“These activities enable Cyberpion to build a complete external-facing asset inventory for the customer, or as the vendor refers to it, an outside-in view of an organization’s public-facing digital footprint. Once it has that inventory, the Platform’s vulnerability assessment engine considers not only the type of asset, but also its importance and how it is connected to the organization,” Rik Turner, cybersecurity analyst, Omdia

- Active, Automated Attack Prevention: Cyberpion automates Active Protection of critically exposed risks. This automated risk mitigation is safe and involves no false positive concern to the organization, simplifies the security operation and immediately prevents imminent attacks.