CyberProof Managed Detection & Response Service

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionService


CyberProof’s award-winning MDR service enables enterprises to detect & respond to validated threats faster without adding more complexity to the security infrastructure. The MDR service supports organizations in transforming their security operations so they can anticipate, adapt and respond to cyber threats with confidence across the enterprise’s IT estate.
The CyberProof Defense Center (CDC) platform includes SeeMo, our virtual analyst, who can automate up to 85% of L1+L2 activities including alert monitoring, enrichment, triage, investigation and issue containment. Our human analysts, along with SeeMo, work with each organization in a hybrid engagement model to support IR activities – or, depending on the defined workflow, automated response playbooks can be deployed.
The CDC’s lightweight, open API architecture enables us to integrate the CDC platform with our clients’ existing security investments without additional infrastructure. The platform correlates limitless volumes of data regardless of where it resides to provide a “single pane of glass” view of enriched alerts and incident handling activities. Our global response team proactively carry out detailed investigations to search across the enterprise for signs of suspicious activity and remediate threats using tailored responses. We use our curated library of threat detection & response content to continuously configure and tune customized detection rules and response procedures, accessible by the customer as Use Case Kits.
CyberProof’s MDR team helps clients future-proof security operations with the Agile development of use case content aligned to enterprise business risks and threat profile. Our experience and depth of capabilities makes us the go-to providers for migrating from on-premise to cloud-native security operations.
Moreover, our dedicated CTI team provides visibility of threats and exposures across the clear, dark and deep web that can be used by attackers to compromise critical assets.

How we are different

• Turning complexity into efficiency – MDR places the focus on standardizing security operations across federated system and multiple entities. The CDC platform integrates multiple security tools into a single-pane of glass view of the enterprise’s security posture. We deploy custom log management and tagging solutions to reduce the costs and complexity of big data in security. Our platform allows enterprises to scale up and down services as needed without up-front infrastructure investment, with our modernized, cloud-based security.
• Powering human expertise with SeeMo – Our MDR helps shift internal security teams to higher impact activities, while streamlining existing SOC activities. Our virtual analyst, SeeMo, acts as an extension of our client’s SOC team – automating alert triage and enrichment and responding to analyst requests. SeeMo automatically pulls data from multiple sources such as vulnerability, threat intelligence, host and user information to enrich alerts as they come in. SeeMo can also take commands from analysts, verify questions and fetch specific data. This not only leads to faster response times from our Level 2 analysts but also helps the Threat Hunting team by providing more context of the entire attack path.
• Continuous Improvement - Our Use Case Factory model is unique to other MDR providers in the market. This includes over 60 engineers using Agile Development principles to continuously and quickly deploy and optimize detection rules, customized response playbooks, integrations and automations on behalf of each customer, based on the most likely attack scenarios facing their business.