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CompanyNextgen Software
Company size (employees)20
Type of solutionSoftware


CyberQuest is the evolution of SIEM systems and a Big Data Security Analytics framework. It enables companies to detect and prevent cyber threats by ensuring full visibility and compliance across all networks, databases, systems, applications and files. CQ intelligently and effectively handles big data and enhances decision making with powerful security analytics.

Solution Capabilities:

Data Transformation Services. CyberQuest collects native and/or parsed data logs and automates the extraction, transformation and loading operations from data sources, based on user-defined business rules, workflows and event-driven logic.

Data Archiving. The system stores, compresses and encrypts all event and incident related data, making it available for easy import and copy or for quick and pain-free data migrations. Data is encrypted and digitally signed to ensure non-repudiation.

NetFlow Analysis. CyberQuest analyzes the entire network traffic to ensure real-time overall network analysis and displays the results into intuitive dashboards based on IP, Port / Protocol or Geo location.

File Integrity Monitoring. The system is a real help in detecting malware anomalies as it monitors the integrity of all files, offering users the ability to define alerts and events in case of any abnormal action taken upon files (change or delete file, change owner or file properties). It is designed for system files, but any file can be monitored. Compatible with Windows and Linux.

In addition to these, CyberQuest is a real help for security teams in daily event monitoring and analysis, as it includes:
– accurate on-the-spot event identification starting from one single event
– complete investigation module
– advanced search and filter (latest generation No-SQL database, finding related data based on specific criteria in seconds)
– innovative alerting system with real-time user defined alerts
– contextual dashboards for rapid and accurate decision making
– predefined scheduled reports for compliance
– integration with physical security systems

How we are different

- Unique solution that enables security officers deal with data the way they see fit: scalable, flexible, powerful and simple to use, it delivers fast and accurate threat detection.

- Unique platform that accommodates both security incident data with business rules and/or applications. Out-of-the-box reporting, workflow automation, intelligence feeds and rules to find incidents and events immediately and react in real-time.

- Unique security solution that answers the 5 major questions: who, where, when, why and how: CyberQuest has a holistic approach to security intelligence, by unifying Big Data collection, network-, user- and endpoint-monitoring and advanced security analytics. It correlates trends, patterns of activity and behavior for users and systems for offering rapid response to these key questions.