Cybertronium Cloud Security

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
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Cybertronium Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Kaapagam Education Services Sdn. Bhd.) is an Information Security Product, Services, Trainings and an International Certification body that is devoted in guiding our clients to the best strategic security practices. Our team has the expertise to engage clients from diverse industry verticals through the entire security lifecycle.

Our Cloud Security Services & Consulting harden organizations’ Cloud security posture against attacks and ensure cloud threats are contained with our 24×7 Cloud Monitoring, tailored alerting and guided Response across IaaS and SaaS resources on AWS.

AWS Cloud Detection and Response Services :

– 24×7 Monitoring: Around the clock security coverage by our dedicated team. Continuous and proactive Configuration updates based on evolving threats.

– Strategic Guidance: Minimize confusion, complexity, and time with a white-glove deployment engagement. Strategic guidance for your cloud security design, implementation and posture improvement.

– Immediate Protection: Service launches with preconfigured detection logic, allowing monitoring to immediately detect the highest-priority attacks.

– Customized Rules: With rules tailored to your business environment, see things that others miss while also preventing alert fatigue.

– Managed Investigations: We investigate suspicious activity so you don’t have to, making alert fatigue a thing of the past.

– Log Retention and Search: Takes the work out of managing logs, enabling you to easily conduct additional investigations, if needed.

– Cloud Incident Response: Every second counts. Detect and respond to critical security incidents within minutes to prevent the spread of threats.

– Cloud Expertise : Our seasoned experts in cloud security will assist you in cloud security best practices, strategies and deployment frameworks.

How we are different

1. Strengthen the security posture of your cloud resources

Get a continuous assessment of the security of your cloud resources running in AWS. Use built-in policies and prioritized recommendations that are aligned to key industry and regulatory standards or build custom requirements that meet your organization's needs. Use actionable insights to automate recommendations and help ensure that resources are configured securely and meet your compliance needs.

2. Protect cloud and hybrid workloads against threats

Protect against evolving threats across multi-cloud and hybrid environments and understand vulnerabilities with insights from industry-leading security research and secure your critical workloads, in VMs, storage, containers, and across the cloud platforms. Use many options to automate and streamline your security administration.

3. A 365-degree context for automating the detection and mitigation of your cloud security risks.
For example, understanding if a sensitive data store is vulnerable to attack requires a holistic assessment of its access permissions, resource configuration and network configuration. Cybertronium can help you automate and centralize the detection and remediation of security risks associated with over privileged identities as well as misconfigurations that can expose cloud assets to data breaches.