Cyble – Best Threat Intelligence Platform 2023

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Cyble’s SaaS-based enterprise solution, Cyble Vision, alerts its users with sufficient context to understand cyber risk and prioritize them through real-time alerts and actionable threat intelligence.

The proprietary SaaS solution incorporates 200+ Billion darkweb records, and our comprehensive, AI, ML, and HUMINT algorithm-based enterprise risk management modules and services helps provide clients with a unified view of their digital risk footprint. Cyble Vision helps enterprises detect blindspots in their attack surface through a converged view of Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection, and Darkweb and Cybercrime Monitoring capabilities.

Through Vision, Cyble provides multiple solutions such as Deep and Darkweb Monitoring, Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, Brand Protection, Social Media Monitoring, 3rd-Party Risk Scoring, Fraud Intelligence, Ransomware Data Leak Monitoring, VAPT Assessment and much more.

How we are different

Cyble’s unified threat intelligence platform offers 6 unique capabilities and 32 research parameters to deliver a 360-degree intelligence. Our cybersecurity research is currently adding value to more than 80 high-profile organizations.

Cyble helps ensure business continuity through actionable threat intelligence gathered from a converged view of Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection Services, and Darkweb and Cybercrime Monitoring capabilities.

Cyble empowers its clients with early intelligence and timely threat intelligence backed by its darkweb monitoring capabilities. We alert clients when their organization is a topic of cybercriminals and assist them in rapidly managing the situation.

Comprising over 200B+ darkweb records, 15B+ open-source intelligence (OSINT) records, and 50B+ threat indicators, our extensive datasets help us analyze close to a billion pages each day, hunting for key cybersecurity events with our proprietary risk model - Cyble Vision.