CyCognito: Leading External Attack Surface Management Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Our journey began with an awareness that attackers only need to find one weak spot, while security teams must defend every possible point of entry in an always changing attack surface.

A recent example is Log4j, which proved most security teams lack the insight to understand how they are being impacted, what issues to prioritize and what steps to take to neutralize potential threats. That’s because company’s lack complete visibility into a company’s attack surface and its risks.

This is why CyCognito was founded. The goal was to shift the paradigm where instead of relying on a defender’s toolkit (e.g., deploying agents or instructing a port scanner or vulnerability scanner to scan a few known IP ranges), we would create a solution that worked like a world-class attacker, meaning it would work from the outside-in to identify the assets most at risk and the most tempting open pathways. We looked to simulate an attacker’s whole offensive operation, starting from step one, where the attacker knows only a target company’s name and has “compromise” as an objective.

CyCognito delivers attack surface protection by giving security teams the perspective of an attacker. It automates offensive security techniques to close the gaps left by other security solutions including external attack surface management (EASM) products, vulnerability scanners, penetration testing, and security ratings services. Protection for the entire attack surface is achieved by combining the market’s most advanced EASM capabilities with automated multi-factor testing, to discover the paths of least resistance that attackers are most likely to use to compromise organizations so they can be efficiently eliminated. CyCognito then accelerates the mean time to remediate risks for orgs by prioritizing the security gaps discovered and providing actionable remediation guidance with contextualization of assets, classifying their business purpose and attributing them to specific orgs within the enterprise.

How we are different

1. No other security provider offers an automatic, comprehensive, always up-to-date view into the status of, and security gaps in, their external attack surface. With this visibility, security teams and executives can confidently answer the question, “are we or can we be impacted by the latest threat?”

2. Major organizations like Colgate-Palmolive, Tesco, Scientific Games Corporation and the State of California rely on CyCognito’s external Attack Surface Management platform.

3. Leveraging the latest advancements in Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), CyCognito is the only solution that can automatically discover and attribute assets to a given organization across the entire global internet, and then quickly test those assets for security gaps and prioritize risks so that security teams can investigate, validate and remediate critical risks immediately.